Migrante/Inmigrant Justice

Justicia Falsa/ False Justice

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                                     Justicia Falsa

Tomando Muerte/Drinking Death


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Tomando Muerte

Immigration Justice & Multiculturalism

Immigration Justice & Multiculturalism

October Light Undiminished--Remembering Poet Jeff Tagami

The poet Al Robles once posed this question: What happens when a poet dies?


Otro Mundo Es Posible y se esta Construyendo/ Another World is Possible

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Otro Mundo Es Posible y se esta Construyendo

El Abuso De los Soldados en la Guerra


Miedo para la mujer y tristesa porque no hay ayuda.

Healing our Red, Brown and Black Bodies and Souls, Together.

“They closed 56 schools in our neighborhoods, which is a serious situation- but it is also a challenge, which community leaders and families should seize to teach our children,” said Minister Abel Muhammad  from Chicago. My heart was already lifted by the spirits present at the 2nd annual townhall, 


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