What is Poverty Scholar?/¿Qué es un estudioso de la pobreza ?

Who is considered a great scholar? How is scholarship attained? How is greatness honored? And from what barometer do we assess this canon?

POOR Magazine gives the Bay Area's needy a forum. Its "formerly homeless" mother-daughter editors have also created a journalism welfare-to-work program.



LA Times
Monday, July 23, 2001;

Home Edition 
Section: Southern California Living 
Page: E-1

Sea Change and Challenges

Hello all, its's Joe. I haven't written anything in more than a month. Since the rapture has not happened I thought that writing a few words from me was way overdue.

Microeconomics: Scavenging to Survive in Pasadena

To support her family, an undocumented worker gathers recyclables from street-side containers. 'I do it out of necessity,' she says.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008;

para espanol, mira abajo

It's not yet 3 a.m. Juana Rivas grabs her shopping cart and steps off the curb into the dark.

She shields herself from the cold with a sweat shirt and jacket, along with a pink hat and gloves she bought at the 99-cent store. Only a barking dog interrupts the silence.

Notes from the Inside: "Mother"


YOU are the First
beginnings Of the first love I've ever known...
 kindness, warmth, trust,
  All this you have shown...
YOU are
the perfect rainbow
across the sky of every human being,
 YOU are the flower view
 my soul keep seeing...


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