Confident that our civil rights will be protected...

Part 2 of the Arrested Series by Race, Poverty and Disability Scholar in residence at POOR Magazine

Building a Racially Just School System

One mother's struggle with the lack of racial justice in her son's school and the discovery of a racial justice report card on our education policy-makers

When We Were Kings

How A San Francisco Treasure is being harassed, gentrified, silenced and criminalized out of San Francisco for the sole act of playing his drums

Black on Black Crime, Black on Black Grief

A message from Race and Poverty Scholar, Queenanndi

Grinding Young Men of Color up like glass

PNN re-ports and sup-ports on Young Men of Color in Crisis panel.

Lightly Dusting Off the Bones: A response to a race and class plenary

Editor's Note:On September 11, 2007 POOR Magazine�s Race, Poverty and Media Justice Institute held a plenary on Race and Poverty in Amerikkka. At the end of a lengthy discussion and a series of readings each poverty , race, disability and youth scholar at POOR was asked to answer two questions in writing, what was a first person experience with Covert and Overt racism. Here are some of the answers

Putting Raw Onion Juice on the Whip.....

The state of Virginia is voting on whether or not to "officially apologize" for slavery, a race and poverty scholar responds.

A Devil to Big corporations

PNN reports on a panel on Global Warming (why was he the only African Descendent man present?)

PNN reports on a panel on Global Warming (why was he the only African Descendent man present?)

by Marlon Crump

We Are All Criminals

Poverty, race, disability, immigration scholars and conscious politicians begin a public dialogue on the Criminalization of Poverty- locally and globally


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