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Weather Modification: Lockdown of Working Class People/ Notes from the Inside

Editors Note: Andre Rosemond is one of several power-FUL PNNPlantation prison correspondents.

I was determined to run my life

"You can make lots of money.” At this moment the skies opened up and I heard every T crossed and I dotted. His mask of deception seemed almost kind and sincere.

Bam. Suddenly the dreary clouds were in my midst. There was no air. I had fell prey to the ugliest of greed. I was kidnapped, trapped, and freedom suddenly had a price. Every night was his delight.

Proposition 35 on Prostitution: Sex Workers' Report. PNN Election Issue

October 22, 2012

Opposition to Prop 35, also known as the Case Act, is growing. Sex worker groups are calling for a public forum on Prop 35 on Monday, October 29 on the steps of City Hall at 12 noon. We are inviting the proponent and funder of the proposition ex-Facebook millionaire Chris Kelly to debate us.


PNN-TV: Hotel Frank #1- The Powerful Picket Line

PNN-TV Hotel Frank Picket #2- The Interview


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