Community Newsroom/Sala comunitaria @ POOR Magazine- January 2012

Community Newsroom/Sala Comunitaria in January 2012- Featured Juliana "jewels" Smith, creator of (H)afro-centric: the comic and Frederick Douglas Cloy- author, teacher and mestizaje revolutionary

The Emortal/Immortal Choice or Conflict.

I've read most of Author Brian Stableford's Emortality I'd like the bio of Mortimer Gray.(Fountains of Youth) Imagine being born in a world with applied nanotechnology, almost living clothing and molecular machinery in you after complicated bio-trenched process that creates a new species evolutionarily different from parents. The parents though long lived to 2 to 300+ years.

They know they are the last mortals raising the first true emortals while they are the last mortals to die. No wonder cryobiology seems a safe though end-of-life-chance-to-return-option.

My Ancestors Cried

My Ancestors Cried

We went from creating art for survival,

to selling our art and culture to survive

sold and bought by the colonizers at a museums, art galleries.


While some of my people eat cheese and wine,

we get bought and sold creating genocide

Our Ancestors said art is done by the people

for the people not for rich colonizers


But we lost our way our culture, our art, our self


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