WeSearch Project

WeSearch Project

Poor people led research and pro-active media deconstructing the lies told about criminalized and mythologized communities.

Poor mamas on welfare, GA recipients, youth of color being gang injunctioned, migrant/in/migrants, elders, folks living with a disability, incarcerated folks, and all lied about peoples locally and globally. Stay tuned, a WeSearch Camp is coming to an NPIC, street corner, or jail cell near you.

WeSearch Policy Group (WPG) Data Release 2016 UnHoused residents of San Francisco Data Collection 2015- 2016

WeSearch Policy Group (WPG) Data Release 2016
UnHoused residents of San Francisco Data Collection
2015- 2016

Tent City WeSearch Statement Demand summary (see below for detail):

Broken Windows Theory is Broken

Poor, Houseless, Disabled and Criminalized Mamaz, Daddys, Elders and Youth Release Findings on the Racist , Classist Broken Windows Theory

PNN-TV:WeSearch-Berkeley Anti-Poor People Laws Tested


WeSearch Study-

Subject: Anti-Poor People Criminalization in Berkeley

Date: July 6, 2015

Location: Berkeley, California

WeSearchers: RYME Youth Skolaz: Heidy, 15 yrs old Ana, 15 yrs old,  Tiburcio 11yrs old

Poverty Skolaz, Muteado Silencio, "Tiny" & Tony Robles


Recidivism Re-mix from the Inside Plantation : Prison Correspondent WeSearches Recidivism

Factors which reinforce recidivism currently outweigh factors which address rehabilitation of criminal offenders. This is evidenced by our over-full jails and prisons, and has one beneficiary- Law Enforcement [corrections and the industries thriving by growth fueled by ineffective management of public funds, appropriated for “Rehabilitation" are inclusive to this designation].

Isolation: Not Mommy's Fault


In the largest, creaky-est, most beautiful Victorian house on the block of a suburb of Detroit, resides the most beautiful Puerto-Rican, Filipina, Japanese, and White family. Each member of the family locks themselves in their own room.  The silence and loneliness in a house that is a home to 9 people is unnatural- frightening even.

The Bank Officer Gave Me A Canned Tamale


As terrifying as being on the outside looking in is, being on the inside wanting out is worse.

Needing to feed my face and pay the rent, I had taken a low paying job at the old Crocker Bank and after five years was making only around four dollars an hour doing office work.  Having come to the point of overdrawing my checking account, I asked a bank officer if she would advance me twenty dollars until pay day.  How many others have asked that question?


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