The Lie of Isis and Po'Lice -From Philadelphia to Paris- From Syria to St Louis

Tiny - Posted on 14 November 2015

tiny- aka Lisa Gray-Garcia/PoorNewsNetwork

As people mourn the horrific bombings all over Mama earth it is disgusting to note that due to White Supremacy ruling the world even global mourning is racialized. More prayers seem to be sent "Up" for European (Paris) folks just like more people seem to mourn school shootings with white students while black babies, children and elders are profiled, violated and shot by empire armies (Po'Lice) in this already stolen land (United Snakkkes) while hundreds of Syrian, Iraqi, Afghani and Beirut children, mothers and elders have been killed over the last year under the lie of Isis.

Yes i said lie of Isis, it is an empire crafted concept befitting a Star Wars sequel and yet millions of people seem to believe it. The maasive perceived belief isn't a testament to its realness, its a testament to its successful multi-layered, CIA scarmbled, kkkorporate and Hollywood media crafted cocktail of pay-offs, pay-rolls, Halliburton "re-devil-opment"  re-building contracts, security teams and complex, billion dollar propaganda supporting it so completely that it seems so real it must be real. Right?

Hegenomy as History
The lie, action and reality of Isis is now even "believed" and carried out by many of the peoples themselves, and perhaps like all identification with the oppressor acts such as poor  folks and people of color working as security guards to arrest, incarcerate, tase and kill our own people for a $10 dollar an hour salary, Isis now becomes a "real" threat. So deeply ingrained in the collective consciousness of us all that we react to it rather than the roots of it.

This is hard when people are dying, everywhere. But it really isn't that different from amerikkklan po'Lice lies of sekkkurity that even those of us who risk being killed, maimed or perpetrated still call the po"lice to solve our problems, because we have all been so consistently taught to believe it is real.

What can we do?
First of all connect the dots to EVERYONE you speak to. Blog about it- Face-crak post about it , tweet about it.  Follow the money of corporate contracts in these "war-torn" places that we tore up and write old school letters to your poltricksters to not keep funding these fascist money-hungry "wars". Believe it or not they have to clock your letters and although the new plan of having people seemingly kill "themselves"  seems to scramble the truth, we can continue to connect the dots. And blood-stained dollar boycotts do matter so do them of the thousands of multi-national companies that are making money off everyone everywhere- big props to the Boycott, DIvest and Sanction (BDS)movement of Israel.

Also, remember the neo-liberal, so-called, independent media sources like National Public radio are in bed with, making money from, the same weapon manufacturers and building contractors. And realize that just like BDS movement uncovered, these so-called akademik institutions, like the UC system and others have holdings and make money off these same weaponry investments. And no matter how they slice it , they win. Selling to the US-EURO- occupiers and the so-called ISIS members. 
It is also about each of us clearing our head from this elaborate scheme to make us hate something we just hear about, but do nothing about. To help something we only vaguely understand, but think "needs fixing". This is like the lie again of akademik theory, Chairty Industry and savior complexes to "save" people who don't want saving anymore than they want their land stolen for US agri-business, and their children forced into schools that teach Euro-centric Western philosophy. that US people happily "send" or donate money to to help "fix".

Finally, I hope that  BlackLivesMatter leaders would consider a global messaging perspective- like #BlackLivesMatterAcrossMotherEarth, to help connect these killing and liberating dots for all of the victims of these Empire killing machines

*A comprehensive un-packing of ISIS can be found at this link


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