Al Robles Living Library Project

Al Robles - Poet, Community Scholar, Revolutionary Teacher, Activist and Poverty Hero

The Al Robles Living Library Project honors the community literary spirit of Al Robles with writing projects, art and performance with the goal of inspiring future poets and community scholars like Uncle Al Robles 

I-Hotel Commemoration

Coming back to

Manilatown is like

coming home to a

fresh crop of rice


--Bill Sorro


Honor the elders who fought eviction and displacement from their community and homes on August 4th


Al Robles Living Library Launch @ POOR Magazine Pt 1 & 2

Pt. 1- The Blessing Ceremony

Pt 2; The Poets read for Uncle Al Robles

LaborFest--Tribute to Al Robles at Manilatown Center Thursday July 28th

July 28 (Thursday) 5:00 PM (Donation) Manilatown Center - 868 Kearny St., SF  

The Peoples Press-POOR Press 2011 collection featuring revolutionary authors in poverty

POOR Press Authors will present @ City Lights Bookstore on Thursday, July 7th @ 7pm

Review by Jack Hirschman

Paying Respect (For Al Robles)

Shhhhhh listen with your heart
Brown Yellow, Red
voices of color
Rising us up from boxes
people put us in
Yes, I’m Black
feeling activist elders from all ethnic cultures

Combining communities
Through the arts
Black, Chicano, Asian, Native, Women Gay Arts Movements
From Manilatown to Motown
Homo-Hop to Krip-Hop

The Town with self-confidence-A story for Uncle Al’s Library


I felt the hard rain dripping down my face while I was waiting for the bus after I got out of school.


It was a night to just relax – but I had too much on my mind

When I got home- I was exhausted and wet


The next morning I woke up and the sun shone outside and then I noticed everyone had a wide smile like a cut watermelon



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