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Working to Feed Our Children

Mothers working across the nation to feed and house their babies are pleading with legislators to help us keep our jobs so we can keep feeding our babies..

The following are a series of revolutionary blogs by mama scholars in the summer session of peopleskool at POOR Magazine. If you care about the survival of all of our families in California please call Barbara Boxer at (202)224-3553 and Nancy Pelosi at (415)556-4862 and tell them to support the American Jobs and Closing Tax Loopholes, HR 4213.

Working to Feed Our Children: We write to you today as hard working mothers and fathers...

A letter to Legislators from the Mama Scholars

Tuesday, July 13, 2010;

Congresswoman Pelosi
San Francisco, CA
District 8

Re: American Jobs & Closing Tax Loophole, HR 4213

Dear Congresswoman Pelosi,


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