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Broken Dreams


The dream has ended for true love died – the night a blossom  fell and touched two lips that lied..Nat King Cole



Mama used to say I was a great orator and it must have come from my Black side- citing Dr King as an example.


PeopleSkool Winter 2011 Schedule of Classes- Click here to view the whole schedule!

PeopleSKool@ The Race, Poverty, Media Justice Institute

2011 Winter Class Schedule

All classes begin Tuesday, January 25th

Late Registration: 1st day of classes

Tuition on a sliding scale – Scholarships available from the Po’ Skolaz Fund

Meg Whitman Debates welfareQUEEN's & In/Migrante Mamaz en resistencia/ Part One


Latina Immigrant Mothers and Working Poor Mothers Challenge Meg Whitman to a Debate


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