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Have the Chickens come to roost in Arizona?

Have the Chickens come to roost in Arizona? 

I ask a friend what the phrase " The chickens have come to roost" cause i did not really know what it meant..

Answer, well when people used it in the political term, is usually means if your rooster was violent, the chickens would do the same.

El Machete



El Machete


From sun up to sun down.. 365 days with machete in hand

cutting or chopping the harvest to live another day..

to live for my family.. for my love.. for my children.. with humanity

Axocoti Cintlaolli




Play On Reality Pains Psychie

Whew! Really difficult getting to this new site but now that I have... READ UP!


here it is

What the system...7-20-10
After school programs/community service
we had before Reganomics, now poor peoples
steady take our crumbs like we don't even deserve it
first black president act like is not observing
What the system did to this man treating like kid
pulled inside trying again to get rid
forced to a court that made me pay to see my kid
turned up my soup, yet forgot the lid
what the system's doing
corp. media blinding whose screwed/screwing

You might be my color but you aren't my kind

Tony Robles/PNN
Saturday, September 5, 2009;

My Uncle Anthony has this expression that goes, “You might be my color but you ain’t my kind”. He is a street minister who says he’s workin’ for the lord. “The pay might be low but the benefits are out of this world” he says.

You might be my color but…

Writing is Fighting! Escribir es Pelear!!

The HerStory of HOTEL VOICES

Tony Robles/Mission SRO Collaborative
Tuesday, May 23, 2006;


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