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This Boy Had His Hands in the Air: Mayor Newsom and the Murder by Po'Lice of Cammerin Boyd

Wednesday, September 1, 2004

" I am here and I won't go away", A deep heat beat down on the alabaster concrete steps of City Hall on Thursday, while the melodious voice of Isabel (Mother) Boyd, Cammerin Boyd's grandmama began filling with tears of unjustified grief, " In May my grandson, Cammerin Boyd, was shot down like a dog in the streets, he was murdered." With each tear she brought everyday sounds and movements at City Hall to a complete stop.

These are the people the government abandoned: Hurricane Katrina Survivors speak in Oakland's First Congregational Church

Wednesday, September 21, 2005;

“He was our Moses”, they stood together, bodies swaying slowly back and forth as if to carry their weary bodies through and out of the tragedies they had seen– eyes staring straight ahead – skin the color of the earth –holding hands that had held struggle, had brought forth life and had carried humanity to safety. “…

There's More like Me coming back every day: the new rising population of homeless people; Iraqi war veterans

Laurence Ashton and Tiny/PNN
Saturday, December 18, 2004

"Hey gurrrl , wassup in Oaktown these days?" He was standing there, still in uniform, the stain of bloodshed and too many tears still clinging to his smooth chocolate face.

" My name is corporal James, Red James, they called me Red cause I was always covered in blood in the killing fields of…" and then his deep voice trailed off, you knew in that second that he was actually there, inside the dust, the non-stop sand storms, and the blinding glare of deadly firefights floating in slow motion through the Iraqi desert.

There is history here...Black History! Life long African-Descended West Oakland residents resist massive Gentrification project

Sunday, July 25, 2004

The new Diaspora
Africans Arriving in The cities by the Bay
450,000 strong
willing, ready
and able to get down
for ones daily bread
Sat Nan (truth and identity)
But now, again I must ask
Where's my forty acres and a mule?

Excerpt of Diaspora by Dharma, from the Houzin Project, Words, Art and Resources on Eviction, Gentrification, Displacement and Homelessness by POOR Magazine

There Goes The Neighborhood: POWER's survey of San Francisco's working class communities of color

Saturday, December 18, 2004

“Yerba Buena, Barbary Coast, Bagdhdad by the Bay. San Francisco. This unique Northern Californian city is a city of neighborhoods. From Chinatown to the Mission to Bayview Hunters Point, San Francisco’s strength grows out of the diversity of its many neighborhoods. But the spector of change is looming over many of San Francisco’s neighborhoods”… an excerpt from There Goes the Neighborhood- A demographic survey of San Francisco’s Eastern Neighborhoods

War on the Poor from San Francisco to South Africa: poor people of South Africa resist the Amerikkkan Style Slums Act

Tiny aka Lisa Gray-Garcia/PNN
Tuesday, November 10, 2009

"I conclude that section 16 of the Slums Act is inconsistent with the Constitution and invalid..."
--Statement from the Constutional Court of South Africa

The War on the Poor: Another Peer-based, grassroots, drop-in center loses funding to the lies of Care Not Cash

Thursday, November 11, 2004

The war on the poor is in full Ef-fect!!

The war on the poor is in full Ef-fect
From frisco and Oakland to
The phillipines and iraq

But Now theres a new from of house to house
The soldiers are social workers, police and politi-shuns
Creating deadly legislations, and

Speaking from the knowledge of a poverty skolah
born from the endless struggle to hold onto a dollah –
I must re-state
The war on the poor is in full ef-fect
otherwise,How can a man backed by Gettys harass people who barely have a bed to

Unseen People: a PNN ReViewsForTheReVoluTion of Dirty Pretty Things

Tuesday, September 2, 2003

"We are the people you don’t see.. the ones who clean your rooms, drive your cabs and suck your (cocks)" the actors steady gaze crawls up each syllable and in that one moment 10 years of low paid/no paid jobs and demeaning hustles were wiped from my working poor brow.

The MUNI Lie Rail Project: The Bayview Hunters Point community seeks access to jobs and contracts for the last big MUNI Jobs

Sunday, October 31, 2004

Yeah, a mid-night train is coming
Right down "Homeless Row"
The Metro, co-signed by "Mr. Willie"
The Bar-be-cue’s of Bayview, he threw yearly
Oh but it’s going to cost the home owners dearly
Trickin the people to cut their own, pocket books
Yeah, they used to Lynch a Nigga, at Southern Bar-be-cues
Young bloods mis-guided, hating one another
Railroaded to Jail, by the coming of the Lite rail.
No jobs, no homes, get out of the way, toot, tooted!
Excerpt from "The coming of the Rail" by Po Poet Laureate A. Faye Hicks


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