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Whose Poverty? Whose Crime? The Criminalization of Poverty Symposium at UC Berkeley's School of Law

Sam Drew, Tiny and Joanna Letz/PNN
Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Note from the Editor:

Working their Asses Off: Street Cleaners protest wrongful termination from The Department of Public Works

Tuesday, February 22, 2005

"We have kids to support, we have bills to pay" The brown eyes of Larry Montoya glistened in the morning glare. He spoke to me over the sounds of horns honking in solidarity with the over 40 street cleaners who were protesting their illegal and wrongful termination from The Department of Public Works. He concluded, "We are protesting to get our jobs back, they fired us cause of nepotism"

You don't need a diploma to go to jail:

Monday, February 6, 2006

The windows of the cafeteria were blurred with a soft green film and the sick-sweet smell of ammonia wafted through the air as scores of youth, families and teachers testified on their struggle to educate and be educated at a Town Hall on student learning in Richmond.

Carlos y Elegua – a road that noone knows how to begin or to end: A Poverty Hero Series Story

Lisa Gray-Garcia and Rodrigo Jimenez
Monday, January 1, 2001

Ibaro Ago Juba (Song for Elegua)

Eshu Eshu – his body felt wet – wet and yet covered –wet and cold in a new way – in a dead way – was he awake? …. The orisha Elegua was waking him up.. Eshu Eshu Layiki. he heard the first words, the praise name for Elegua- a road that no one knows how to begin or to end….

A Short Breath: SF District Attorney takes on The Evil landlords

Leticia Velasquez and Lisa gray-Garcia

Leticia is a former resident of San Francisco where she was evicted after living in the Mission for 32 years by an owner move-in. She is a member of POOR Magazine's writer facilition project which seeks to translate the voices of low and no income adults and youth. Lisa Gray-Garcia is Leticia's writier facilitator and co-editor of www.poornewsnetwork.com and POOR Magazine

A Post-Structural Journey: In pursuit of Affordable Housing in Sacramento

Anthony Kwong
Sunday, September 4, 2005;

Informed about Dee’s search for affordable housing in Sacramento,I left Poor Magazine’s office at 5:30pm on Thursday evening not knowing the name or location of the apartment. Fortunately, at least for the first two hours of my trip up to Sacramento, I was told that the apartment was near Arden Fair Mall.

A Point of Resistance: The Hunter's Point Uprising of 1966

Jasmine Sydullah/PNN Race and Poverty Reporter
Saturday, September 23, 2006

This poem is in honor of mothers...


Homeless mothers
and poor mothers
Low-wage mothers
and no-wage mothers
Welfare mothers
And three job working mothers
Immigrant mothers
And incarcerated mothers

In other words
This poem is honor of
INS-ed with,
CPS-ed with, and
Most of all
System-messed with

This poem is honor
of all those poor
women and men
And yes
I said men
Cause don’t sing
me that old song
About gender again

Who fight and struggle
And steal and beg
In every crevasse
And corner
to keep their kids in a bed
Who dress and feed
with tired hands

This Is My Home: Hundreds of tenants organize and resist unjust Trinity Plaza eviction and demolition

tiny and Dee/PoorNewsNetwork
Thursday, March 25, 2004

Light red acryllic carpet fibers rose like steam in the sun strokes that filled the empty lobby of the Trinity Plaza Apartments

For Our Ancestors Who were Removed, Displaced & Evicted: POOR Magazine's First Annual TAKING BACK THE LAND CEREMONY

Tiny aka Lisa Gray-Garcia, poverty scholar, welfareQUEEN and Daughter of Dee and co-editor of POOR Magazine/PoorNEwsNetwork
Thursday, August 14, 2008

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