HOMEFULNESS - a poor people-led solution to Homelessness

onion - Posted on 04 April 2010

A Poor & Indigenous People-led Solution to Houselessness

A sweat equity, permanent co-housing, education, arts, micro-business and social change project for landless/houseless and formerly houseless families and individuals.


I. 4-10 Family Housing Units, Multi-generational school/Media Center, Community Garden/Farm and Sliding Scale Cafe

Detailed Description:

4-10 Permanent housing units for houseless and formerly houseless families following an indigenous model of co-housing which includes the following

  • A site for Deecolonize Academy/ F.A.M.I.L.Y.(Family Access to Multi-cultural Intergenerational Learning with our Youth) which is a revolutionary on-site child care and school for houseless children and families which incorporates a social justice and arts , multi-cultural and multi-lingual curriculum for families and children 2-102
  • A site for POOR Magazine, PeopleSKool, The Race, Poverty, and Media Justice Institute, Community Newsroom and all of POOR’s indigenous community arts programming
  • A site for Uncle Al & Mama Dee’s Sliding Scale Cafe; a multi-generational community arts and social justice eating and performance space
II. The Space: 8032-8034 MacArthur (BlackArthur) Blvd, (Huchuin Ohlone Land) East Oakland
An R4 zoned ( Mixed Use) lot in East Oakland.
III. Funding
Equity "Capital" Campaign budget: 2.5 million -
($200, 000 already raised -Lot Purchased - Paid in Full-Phase 1 completed:Includes  Existing Building renovated now housing 3 unhoused Families and elders and Deecolonize Academy - a school for children in poverty launched, Permits from the CIty of Oakland acquired and Phase 2 was launched July 2016- Phase 2 in progress)

All remaining fundraising will occur through an Equity campaign launched by POOR Magazine.
As an act of resistance to the hierarchal and unjust distribution of wealth and resources locally and globally, POOR Magazine is formerly calling the fundraising effort for HOMEFULNESS, an Equity Campaign, instead of a Capital Campaign, as through equity sharing, not tied to financial resources, we will be creating permanent and lasting solutions to houselessness for families in poverty who have been displaced, evicted, gentrified and destabilized out of their indigenous lands and communities.

For more information on how to become involved with this project, please email deeandtiny@poormagazine.org.

To donate to the Homefulness Project, click here for online donations or send checks to:

POOR Magazine

8032 Macarthur Bl

Oakland, Ca 94605

A Poem for Homefulness



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