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POOR Magazine Revolutionary Journalism, poetry, & prose on issues of poverty, racism, disability, in/migration, border fascism, incarceration, welfare (de)form, profiling, indigenous resistance, art, media, and more by the folks who experience these struggles first-hand.

(POOR Magazine -The print edition- Is currently out of print due to lack of funding. Some copies of Volume #4: MOTHERS still available by mail order. Contact deeandtiny@poormagazine.org)

Blogs and Journalizm by Poverty Skolaz locally and globally linked below:

Who Are They Fooling?

...will add audio later...

When I was fifteen I dreamed about being 21

Couldn't wait for that freedom

My own place would be so much fun

But when I left my gardenland of childhood bliss

You know I never thought I

Would have so much to miss...


Why didn't anybody tell me

All those things I needed to know

Why did they fill me

With meaningless innuendos

I coulda done so much better

Who Else But US?

Hey! Misaligned nation in a candy-coated thumbscrew
Who's gonna bring the REAL news to you?
Sometimes homeless humans, finding lucrative jobs
Significant employment, the system otherwise robs
Inspecting the issues, taking a stand
Providing needed insight, impact by demand
Making a difference, one paper at a time
For the reader AND the seller--just spare a dollar (not a dime)

The Anti-GentriFUKation Mural @ POOR Magazine/Prensa POBRE

The Anti-GentriFUKation Mural is an art in resistance project of POOR Magazine/Prensa POBRE

The Anti-GentriFUKation Mural was co-created by youth, children, mamas, daddys and elder poverty, migrant and indigenous scholars and gentriFUKation survivors in residence at POOR Magazine/Prensa POBRE in collaboration with revolutionary artists Asian Robles, Carina Lomeli, Muteado Silencio, Nube, Vivian Thorp, Tiny and Oji Eli.

Stand Up for the Right to Sit Down!

Editors Note: On Tuesday, April 26th over 200 people protested the Criminalization of Public Space in the streets of Berkeley. The fight against the criminalization of our public spaces  and poor peoples is just beginning. Please begin your on-line resistance by signing the petition to Stand Up for the Right to Sit Down

Cover Photo of Berkeley Sit-Down Protest by Will Steele


Bolden's Beauty Brigade

Folks, I haven't written in months mainly because after leaving Poor Magazine for few weeks before into 2010, returning before 2011. I made lots of friends and was saddened to go back

to San Francisco, but vowed to return. Now it seems I'll be back in Ignacio, Co. in April but slightly later a friend may want. But return I shall and will stay a bit before S.F. calls again.

Poisonous Fruit: The Right to Housing Without Po'Lice Harassment- PNN interviews Jeff Adachi

Southern trees bear strange fruit,
Blood on the leaves and blood at the root,
Black bodies swinging in the southern breeze,
Strange fruit hanging from the poplar trees.



 With the disasters that have hit Pacha Mama in the last couple years, it seems to affect poor people the worst--from the earthquake in Haiti, to the oppression in Egypt and the Middle East, violence in Mexico and now in Japan.


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