Rules 'n'Junk Pt. 2

root - Posted on 31 December 1969

Gals and Guys might get
amgry but know where to
write, right?

by Joe B.

Rules ‘n’ Other Junk Pt. 2

I recently finished reading Ms. Nancy Friday’s 1991’s book "Women On Top."

Now when I walk down the street I’m aware of they also watch men’s bodies as I see women’s and the fantasy’s.

Whew, if that was over ten years ago I‘ve no idea what they’re thinking now, I never know what’s on their minds.

Aside from that and other books I’m taking time to really read.

I, like most men are always confused about women’s verbal and mental motives but equally they really don’t know us.

Especially when we leave our mother’s wombs for the great unknown of adult exploration and what happens, some of our experiences before we get to try and know, and be with women.

Men are always somewhat caught off balance when women say that they hate us, love us, are indifferent, say we’re dogs, and in turn angels and devils all at once.

They are the Bitch Goddesses, Earth Mother, Virgin/Sinner, and the old Madonna/Whore complex.

You know that Meredith Brooks song "I'm a little bit of everything all rolled into one, I do not feel ashamed. I'm nothing in between.

You know you wouldn't want it any other way.

Yes, women have always been faster, quicker, emotionally stronger than men.

Just because it’s true now does not mean it will always be so.

Women have and are changing men too are changing albeit slower but you know how we are.

Oh, wait, you don’t it’s a

Transubstansive Error. but women catch on like quicksilver they make learning curves obsolete.

But isn’t it strange how as men learn to be more themselves if not like women but balanced in their own lives having platonic female friends without women having to turn to homosexual men to feel safe without sexual tensions rising.

Yet if a heterosexual guy is a true friend to a woman asking nothing but continued friendship why does a woman then want to jeopardize it by wanting more?

I heard this from a few guys.

Unless her quicksilver brain tells her she has found a male whom to her is more than her friend and emotional sounding board.

If he finds another girlfriend with sex included she may not only lose a good steadfast friend but a future husband and father of her children as well. [Guys,being a girls, being woman’s best friend is not necessarily the kiss of death as we once thought.

We just have to cultivate more girlfriends.

Even if most are platonic (non sexual) you know when they speak to each other and they will about men and find they count you as a good one.

The R, C. and M words will be spoken as a few will plan to remove you from their good fem friends.

Oh, Relationship, Commitment, and Marriage are the words spoken in whispers.

If your pissed off at my column… please explain.

I’m a dumb-stick after all, I always seem to be in a dark cave where women are concerned.

Guess who’s my edit’s my work, two women.

And, Thanks to Ms. Meredith Brooks’ song "Bitch" …… Bye.

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