The Black Race

root - Posted on 11 May 2003

a Play and a poem in honor of Black History Month

by Leroy F. Moore Jr.

The Black Race

The Black Race is a promotional commercial for a yearly event in the
Black community

Characters - The Host – Tom, Dick and the Referee

Place: Washington, DC i.e. The Chocolate City

Narrated by Leroy Moore

Tom: Hello Dick!

Tom: It's about that time of year again

Dick: Yes it's Tom and we're expecting more people than last year.
Let’s going to the video of last years BLACK RACE

VIDEO - Yes, where are here today in Washington, DC what
those people call the Chocolate City.

Tom – I can see why Dick that's all I see are niggers oops
I mean Black people for miles

Dick - The Black Race happens every year all over
the country. For twenty-eight days the whole
country can see, hear read and buy Black American
history, culture, art and literature.

Tom - I love hosting this race Dick! Seeing and promoting
capitalism and exploitation of Black Americans!

Dick - But isn't that America?!

Tom - Oh yes it is Dick. But today the race is more diverse!
I mean you've Black women, gays and lesbians and
Black disabled people are putting in their two cents.

Dick - Tom, I hope they have more than two cents. You got to
have money for this race!

Tom – But isn't it amazing how those people come out
every year to exploit themselves on our behalf and
to fit their culture and history into the shortest month of the year! It is just amazing!

Dick - We're about to begin the race. Lets go down to the starting Line.

The Referee: Listen up! Listen up! Welcome to the 2004
Black Race. Here are the rules:

1) Like every year, the Black Race is only for twenty-eight days. After
the 28th we don't wont to see or hear from you until next year!

2) This race is about how much you can give to the market and that
means nothing is free. Sell, charge it, just get that money

3) The Race must be diverse.

4) Always remember rule number one and two


Dick - Look at them run.

Tom –“It's going to be an exciting but short month
Well we're you host Dick and Tom

Dick You've twenty-eight days to watch The Black Race.

Tom - Yeah, don't miss it cause there will not be any reruns

This is Tom and Dick in the Chocolate City, Washington, DC.
We'd like to thank our official sponsor of the Black Race,
Kentucky Fried Chicken and Nike.


Well that was a clip from last years Black Race. Join us in Oakland, CA.
for the Black Race of 2004.

Think about it!!!!

Leroy F. Moore Jr.



By Leroy Moore

Flip it

Floating in the air

Anticipation is everywhere

Huddled over

What is it, what is it?

Its heads!

Tossed in the air

I hit the ground

But nobody is around

Is this a game

Is there a referee

Its life in America

One side or the other side

Black or disabled

Disabled or Black

Can’t be both

Take the oath

And you’re American first

Hot in this melting pot

Boiling away our culture

Our brains are mash potatoes

Identities wrapped in

Red, white and blue boxes

Traded in at the Salvation Army

1 +1 = 1

Can’t have two

You must chose only one

In court cause I’ve been raped

But the Jury can’t look at me

The judge, jury and my lawyer are all guilty

Two identities two personalities

Flipping back and forth back and forth

No wonder I’m schizophrenic

Halloween is every day

I’m the masksman

Can’t reveal the real me

Walking to the Million Man March

Wearing my Black skin but

Hiding my disability

Sitting on a picket fence

Always the last one to be chosen

Black and disabled my coin has no value

Black or disabled

My Black brothers and sisters see only one identity

Racism running rapid in the disabled community

Black History Month

Black Entertainment T.V.

Black Caucus

Black gays & lesbians

Black feminists

Black, black black black black black..

James Bryd, Black AND disabled

Margaret L. Mitchell, Black AND disabled

Marcus Hug, Black AND disabled

My people are 20 feet under and can’t come back

Black studies don’t teach my history

White disabled scholars trying to write my story

Heads or tails

Hey, get real

I’m Black AND disabled

So put away that coin

I’m flipping your mind

With my dual identities

By Leroy F. Moore Jr. 10\14\2000


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