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root - Posted on 31 December 1969

I've avoided writting on
Black His/Herstory for a reason.

Because Historica Memories of
how we were and still are mistreated.

Are We As A People Ever Really Part Of
This Land? Are we to replace all the past hate
with pure love and grace - is that our true lagacy?

by Joe B.

It’s February, 28, 2003. Black History, (the shortest month of the year).

It ain’t new and screw the damn Anglo Saxon, English-American language
they took my folks from their continent killing many on the middle passage either by crowding them head to feet in boats like so many barrows of corn, then if naval (Sea police on the Atlantic/Pacific Ocean).

Children, Parents, separated, split up, on auction blocks to be looked over, felt up, made to strip naked in front foreign people who thought soap and water an unnatural way to cleanse themselves.

Temporary Hell on earth for white indentured servants from England, France, Germany, Italy, Ireland, Scotland, other lands.

It became permanent Hell on earth African’s who’s skin color was turned into physical proof of the curse of Ham biblically or by use of Scientific Racism.

Why am I repeating all this? BECAUSE IT’S NEVER STOPPED!

It may have eased up but it still going on.

Most persons of color will never completely trust America because America never had any trust or use of us except as exploitable free workers who when finally were free and proved ourselves to be as intelligent, sensitive, creative, good, evil, and boring as any Caucasoid human their fear, hatred, knew no boundary.

Videos about Mumia's case and the MOVE bombing were projected onto the ... when the government dropped a bomb on a MOVE house on Osage Avenue on May 13, 1985. Remember that?

But even before that African American were bombed and the reason wasn’t about assault or rape of a white women but the context of an earlier bombing.

Here’s a bit of African American history.

"Negro Wall Street" coined by Booker T. Washington.
118 living survivors were located and registered by the Commission by the time its mandate expired on Feb. 28, 2001. (A number of others passed away during the course of the 4-year inquiry.)

Here are some facts:
By the end of 1921, KKK membership in Okla. was reportedly greater than in the rest of USA only six months prior. (source: Chalmers, Hooded Americanism)
The riot proper lasted about 16 hours.
The mob numbered about 2,000 (estimate).
The toll (partial!): Between 100 and 300 dead.

Entire 35-block Greenwood District essentially levelled.
Six churches destroyed Offices of "more than a dozen" dentists, lawyers, doctors, and other professionals destroyed.

1,200 homes destroyed.

10,000 left homeless.

Two black newspapers burned to ground: the Tulsa Star and the Oklahoma Sun Dunbar Elementary School destroyed
The district's library burned to the ground
Six churches destroyed Offices of "more than a dozen" dentists, lawyers, doctors, and other professionals destroyed.

How and why this happened?

Here’s Tula’s Timeline:
Monday May 30, 1921

Tulsa, Ohlahoma, a nineteen year-old black man name Dick Rowland, gets into an elevator in the Drexel Building at Third and Main Streets. He accidentally steps on the foot of the elevator operator, Sarah Page, a white woman. Not knowing it was accidental, she attempts to hit the man with her purse. He grabs her, attempting to stop her assualt, she screams, he runs out of the elevator (and the building).

Ms. Page tells the Police that the boy had attempted to criminally assault her. She later changes her story and said he grabbed her. (that one lie is the match that ignites the destruction of Black Wall Street.
The Tulsa Tribune published the assault account that afternoon. Dick Rowland was arrested, the sheriff said, for his safety.

By nightfall, rumors were Dick Rowland would be lynched.

Tuesday May 31, 1921
The rumors of a lynching grew more real as a crowd of whites started to gather at the county jail. When the news of the possible lynching reached the black community, a group of black men called the sheriff and offered their services to protect the jail from being attacked.

9:00 pm
A crowd of about 400 whites gather around the jail, some say to help with or view the lynching. Shortly there after, the news reached the black community. A group of about twenty five blacks, all armed, head to the jail. When they arrive, they find out the story had been exaggerated. After talking to the deputy sheriff, whom reassured them no harm would come to Mr. Rowland, the blacks went home. But later they returned, this time numbering about seventy five. Again the sheriff convinced them no harm would come to Mr Rowland. As they were leaving a white man (possibly a deputy) attemped to disarm one of them. A shot was fired.

By 10:00 pm shots were being fired indiscriminately by both sides; twelve men were dead (two black). The fighting continued until around midnight. The blacks, being outnumbered, begin to retreat back to their section of town. Mobs of whites began to drive around the streets, shooting any black person they saw. (Even when the truth is known the trouble continues)

Wednesday June 1, 1921
Sometime near 1:00 am, the mayor and chief of police sent a message to the Governor informing him that the riot was out of control and requested assistance. The Governor activated the Oklahoma National Guard and requested two companies of soldiers from Fort Sill. The first group of Guardsmen arrived
before 2:30 am. By 5:00 am, a mob of 10,000 - 15,000 whites gathered near First St. and Elgin then marched on Greenwood (Little Africa). They used machine guns and airplanes that dropped nitroglycerin in an all out attack on the black section of town, killing, looting and burning everything in sight.

By 9:00 am martial law had been decreed and the national guard took control of policing the city. They set up interment centers at the Convention Hall, McNulty Ball Park, and the Tulsa Fairgrounds to house persons detained for civil prosecution. Eventually more than 6,000 rioters were apprehended.

Source from web-site:
More info is on the site above.

Some elevator what girls or lady’s foot is accidentally stepped on, she changes her story to assault and for that a young black male, innocent people, an a whole thriving community is in ruins.
Not to mention the human cost.

Sorry for packing so much info but there’s a reason.

Black Folk know the evil whites can do knowing all the laws of this country is ranged against us.

They have been known, it has been documented in their own writing with glee how chasing, torturing,
burning at stake, stripping naked, castrating, then hanging black males of all ages.

For women beside constant threat of rape they too hunted down, strung up to trees or any sturdy overhanging structure.

There is no mercy for a pregnant female. This even enrages them that we’re reproducing!

If a Black pregnant woman is killed they have been known that take knives to her dying flesh, cut out the infant whether 3 to 6 months.

The baby is roughly taken, let fall to the ground and stomped to death underfoot.

This is a genocidal act by a seemingly alien people refusing to see the common humanity they see as animals.

To some we still are but we no longer believe their word because past and present actions show what has happened any yet they refuse us reparations for all they have done and continue to do.

Hell In America has been our do.

I cannot trust America to "do the right thing" they have been found wanting.

And yet not one American of African decent has ever betrayed this country.

I don’t know if America will every change but for living in America is still hell for Black Women and Men and our women supposedly weaker than men have saved us with their bodies, hearts, and souls.

All I want is to find a strong Black Woman, raise strong Black Children and be a great great grandfather and die with family and friends surrounding me.

This simple thing has been denied to so many of our people to just live ordinary, uneventful lives.

To love, honor, cherish, and be whole by my soul mate is not much to ask but in America its damn near impossible.

Be, Stay, Strong, Lovely Sister’s and Bro’s.
This is my salute to Black History Month. Bye.

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