One Year Rent Free…!

root - Posted on 01 January 2000

Grace Wells (Poverty Hero) Settles with Landlord

by PNN staff

After a two year devastating legal battle involving several tenants rights activists from SF Tenants Union (and media activists from POOR Magazine) Grace Wells, an 86 year old African descendent elder settles with her landlord. The settlement gave Grace a sizable cash settlement for moving costs and one year rent free.

Although we at POOR are very happy that Grace received what was legally hers and in fact was able to fight the greed and sleaze that drives many Bay Area landlords to even consider evicting folk from their long-term residences, no matter how elderly or disabled they are, we are also very sad.

As very poor folks who have lived (barely ) through the rages of eviction and houslessness, we feel that this Amerikkan system which supports landlords in their ongoing greed campaign is undeniably sad, and that Miss. Grace will have to withstand the rigors of a move from her home of 14 years just because she doesn’t own property….
Well, our ongoing prayers and love are with her and….

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