root - Posted on 01 January 2000

Hands and Lester - a coupla low income cats... Talk Back!!

by Dee


Hi, my name is Hands. So-called because I have a thumb. I have long,
black hair that keeps me warm in the cold weather- I am an indoor-outdoor
boy who has never experienced the passion of love, thanks to the SPCA
who didn't want me to multiply. I fight with my housemate Lester, over
food, and even though I am younger than him I win the best plate because
he pretends to be afraid of me.


Hi, my name is Lester. I am close enough to looking like a Russian Blue
to be one. I like to bite and have large incisors. When I am happy from
petting I always get a good bite on my petter. I don't hurt them much
though. I used to have a grey furred sister but she was murdered by a
neighbor's dog.

Now I have "Hands" as a housemate, he loves to take over whatever I have.
My plate, my hiding place, anything he thinks will make him dominant.

I used to have a bird friend she helped me when a bad dog bit me and
I had an abcess. But sadly, my bird friend flew away and now I must be
happy with "Hands" and two gals that also live here.

So talk to us, write to us!! only thing is; for any medical problems
please ask your veternarian- after all we are just cats.

Please Send Questions, Comments, or animal gossip to:

Fax No# 415-865-1932




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