C-Phone Dates Pt. 1. Welcome to cellphone romance, part of hi tech dating.

root - Posted on 31 December 1969

What's the alternative
to C-Phone number collection?

Guys, women talk of being
powerless yet use C-phones as
emotional traps.

by Joe B.

Another reality TV show On "E", the channel I looked at has high profile of well known actor’s, actresses of current or cancelled sitcoms, dramas, or in movies.

These people lead busy lives and don’t have enough time for a love life.

I watched a how some months ago, one these dateless people was on the tube and ready to date.

The ubiquitous cell-phone is in her hands because being in show biz they have to be in touch with agents, publicist’s, director, producer, or friends who can steer them to new projects they may not know of.

Its understood that Emergency Personal like firemen/ women, paramedics, doctor’s, lawyers, gigolo’s, and call girls. [the last two jobs I count as professional too].

During the date one is on the phone whether in a bar or on the street as calls come meanwhile the other has no phone an has to remain calm as calls constantly interrupts them.

Then I notice the phone lady ignores the guy because he’s not interesting, the date dies then and there.

I’m thinking every day people already have them on dates as another buffer or possible crutch on dates.

I know, women will use it as a convenient excuse either testing the patience of the guy/girl or using it to speed or weed bad dates or going "too well."

For men with cell’s it’s a combo power play/ emergency strategy.

Though it may backfire on men because women might see it as feminine, [you know, guy’s so gorgeous compared to women they automatically assume gay and if proved wrong its worse on their self esteem?]

"All good looking guys aren’t gay, have Adonis complex, or dumb as rocks though if are perceived as such may take advantage of the situation just as so called dumb blond bimbo stereotype.

women making these blanket statements are usually wrong.

Just as ugly guys have low esteem supposedly resent beautiful people.

Most frankly don’t have time for the b. s., have moved on beyond emotional crap placed on them because they’ve seen and experienced reality close up and know most women, men do look beyond surface of face and body images.

End of C-Phone On Dates Part 1. Bye.

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