A Delicious Dinner

root - Posted on 01 January 2000


a coupla' low
income cats... Talk Back!

by Lester the cat and Dee

by Dee

Well, well, well, imagine me, Lester the cat, writing about pigeons- whatever
I know about pigeons could go in a cook book, along with all of the other
tasty things that I¹ve eaten.

Hands tells me secretly, "Why don¹t we invite those pigeons over
for dinner sometime soon?"

"Good idea," I tell him.

The reason I¹m writing about pigeons is that this guy named Joe sent
me something that he wrote about pigeons taking over the world (not with
us cats around, someone should tell him). This Joe wrote to me and Hands:

"Pigeons and cats mostly run Planet Earth!" Human¹s destructive
capacities are their own traits. Let the humans believe that they¹re in
control, stumble on to discoveries that we drop in their minds. Their
hidden control continues: These are Birdview, Pigeon mind(s). Are
You Sure That What You Think Is You Or Are They P-Minds?"

And he also sent us some photos- I¹m including a few. Don¹t notice if
they¹re a little spotty: me and Hands had a little trouble with our spit
the day that we looked at them. We had a drooling problem for
some reason.

As soon as I finish this column, which is now, I think I¹ll send this
guy Joe a Hands-written invitation to dinner with me and Hands- for him
and for his pigeons. We¹ll talk Joe (humor him) into going out
and taking many more rolls of film of many more pigeons, lots and lots
of pigeons. We¹ll give him categories: most beautiful pigeon, most happiest
pigeon, and so on- whatever takes him the longest.

Meanwhile me and Hands will amuse ourselves, discussing with the pigeons
this plan for taking over the world, and how "Pigeons and cats mostly
run Planet Earth"
, and the Delicious Dinner we will make OF, for,
I mean, the pigeons that this Joe guy leaves with us.



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