root - Posted on 15 November 2000



by Dee


During a Just Cause Eviction meeting, I, Hands, had the misfortune of
meeting a Puppy... A Shameless Puppy.

This pup felt so comfortable in his surroundings that he exposed all
his parts to anyone looking his way. Iwanted to scratch him and teach
him a lesson. For this shameless behavior, he got the most attention from
everyone in the room; way more than me, I might add.

Not only was he shameless; he was happy about his indecent behavior,
and everything else as well.

Happy to be on the couch, happy to be in the room, happy to be alive.

The night I had to see him was the first night he was in this place,
the place where they had the eviction meeting.

One of the occupants had bought him from a guy pushing a shopping cart.

Apparently the little pup had been riding around on this guy’s shopping
cart for some time, and I guess that’s why he would easily fall asleep
in odd places.

The occupant that bought him felt very proud of himself because
he had "saved this poor pup from a hellish existence riding around on
a shopping cart", he said. And everyone at the meeting was happy as well
that this happy pup was saved from such a dire existence.

Of course, I could see this pup’s future: loved and admired by all.
Hand-fed delicious morsels from the plates of the occupants. Bathed in
special soaps and perfumes.

I wasn’t envious. I had my own happy life to go back to. And I thought
maybe this pup would learn some manners from these people that saved him
from his shopping cart owner, and not have to shamelessly expose himself
all night in front of everyone again.

So, being curious as I am, I listened to the conversation the next day
of the gals I live with. I found out that the occupant who had saved this
pup from the horrible existence of a shopping cart home had taken the
pup to the pound. The occupant decided the pup would be lonely when the
occupant went to work.

Besides, it would just be too much trouble to care for the pup; therefore,
he said he would do the humane thing and take the pup to the pound, and
maybe someone would adopt him; and if not, he’d be put out of his
misery by the pound.

What luck, for this shameless pup to be rescued by such a caring person
as this occupant. Just think what a terrible life it could’ve been
for this pup; to ride around, alive and cared for, in a shopping cart,
for the rest of his life.



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