Recall The Recall

root - Posted on 22 October 2003

or "The Terminator" and his republicrat buddies will be California's next Govenor

by Dee

It is obvious that the bush administration and their posse wants to recall Gov Davis in order to put a Republican (Arnold Schwartzenegger perhaps?) in his place, or worse, a Republicrat. They want California to "vote" for bush in 04,and to stop all those pesky anti-war demonstrations

They think we won’t mind if they put in Republicrat Diane Fienstein.

They use all of the budget cuts Davis has made against him. Never mentioning, of course, that a lot of the budget Cuts are a result of the rip off of California energy by the Bush/Enron crew, and the cash California had to spend just to keep the lights on during those fake blackouts.

I have no particular loyalty to Gray Davis, in fact I am adversely affected by his budget cuts and support of the prison industrial complex, but I do object to the obvious set up by the evil right wing republicans who will lie, cheat, and steal to control California’s voting by their recall as a way to get one of their puppets in office as Govenor of California

So people who see the set up of Davis that has occurred and who don’t want an evil Republican or Republicrat governing California, start circulating petitions to RECALL THE RECALL !!!!!


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