Women may be tired of this writing... Get use to it gal-pals. Hey Guys. We are every bit as complex a species as they are.

root - Posted on 31 December 1969

Enough gloating, lets find
other complexities of the human male.

Its good to know testosterone isn't
really a death sentence of hormonal rage...

Essentially men lag behind women but eventually catch up like the tortoise and the hare tale.
Remember who eventually won and why?

by Joe B.

Blessedly, Here is Male Complexity Pt. 3

I thought when starting this it’d be a simple task to finally explain to many if not majority of women that complex though they are beyond the obvious secondary sexual characteristics, tandem right/left hemisphere usage, and unique womb making ability.

Men to have complex inner workings, are not as generic as most women believe. However my own mind both left/ right halves of this owner’s brain decide.


Further in Mr. Friend’s piece the Y’s gene makes lots of healthy sperm (about 10 trillion in a lifetime) to ensure the survival of Mankind. Sorry Ladies.

Some group of scientists last year predicted the Y chromosome and men would become extinct in 10 million years.

ZZzzzz, its sounds awfully familiar like the "Crack addicted babies are a lost generation of children who cannot learn, because they’re born chemically addicted or "Black male/female extinction in America because of crack and cocaine drug use back in the 1980’s?

Though women have two X chromosome copies men have an X and Y.

X’s renew each other while Y’s die which is what most scientists thought hence men are a genetically weaker sex.

Y’s have evolved eight palindromes of them genetically speaking meaning whatever their arrangement it spells out the same word.

Its like saying some a skinny kid looked at from high school won’t change but then years the same kid grows up to become "Enterprise" guy or "Lil Kim."

Of course both men and especially woman believe they were and always will be the better, superior species as long as there is little or no proof that believe is rock solid.

That conceit, yes women actually do believe they are superior to men and revel in our short and long comings.

"We love nice quiet men then go after the meanest,
misogynistic, insecure joker then blame nice guys for being too milquetoast.

That’s why I’ve said men and women aren’t superior to each other but compliment each other.

Both men and woman have qualities both bad and good noble and profane, its why we cannot stay away, keep our hands, lips, bodies away from each other.

If we or if one sex had more will power than the other then very likely the human race would face natural extinction.

But our drive for friendship, companionship, competition sex for procreate, knowledge, and pleasurable sex keeps us in each others arms more than each other’s throats.

The X X, X Y, discovery again informs each sex both of us are equal paragons of animals as for the 10 million years of extinction.

Didn’t that group of ‘sci guys figure on life extension, space exploration, the Genome Age we’re in and what was said about black folks over and over when they though how lethal America has been and is to rainbow folks?

10 million years, a short span in infinite time, for us for now-still short lived folk its immense.

But such a chunk, we learn so fast that maybe its more than enough time to out race infinity itself or be even with.

At least this human thinks this and I’m not alone with both men and women thinking similarly.

This is why men and women are not superior to each other but our combined strengths outweigh our flaws, weakness, pettiness.

And those that cannot see or believe this of all of us are themselves doomed.

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