Regular Married People? Same Sex Folk Families No longer a Crime.

root - Posted on 31 December 1969

Same Sex sodomy laws
off the books.

Being married to a
man or woman no longer a sacred deal?

Now the future looks like
the "FUTURE"!

by Joe B.

Imagine from Canada’s Gay Marriage on the books to The Supreme Courts last Thursday’s strike down privacy laws on Sodomy for same sex individuals.

Does mean that same sex marriages could be a logical next step?

Will this mean the end of those full blown, over the top, fabulous all day/night costumed extravaganza’s known as Gay Pride Day we’ve seen last Sunday and other parties planned this spring, summer, winter, and fall?

I would like all the genders to be able to join mainstream America because once part of it with regular jobs, raising families, paying taxes, looking for loopholes to pay less or no taxes.

They’d have no time or energy to make such party splashes, maybe Europe wouldn’t be snickering at our puritanical streak and have to catch up to us for a change.

As for me I’m still trying to figure out slow dance bars with food and slow 1960’s to 90’s music where knowing the latest dances is not the be all of cool but just swaying to music.

I don’t mind working up a sweat in casual clothes I can afford that but being dressed up every night doing the"Saturday Night Fever,"best dancer sweat routine isn’t my way of fun and relaxation.

Some beer, veggie or meat dishes with a nice looking woman after a set and sitting out a few before a last dance is what the night is about.

Yes, girls walk in packs of threes and fours for protection usually want to just literally have a night out to see if they still got the "hot tease" factor going.

One night stands aren’t rare but its best to carry your HIV/AIDS clear bill of health along with a pack of oral and prophylactics protection.

That reminds me to get my own medically clean bill of health.

On the online dating front I’m getting lots of mail.

My problem is the 8 date-intimate web sites I’m on and trying to get the best 3 out of 8 to stay on.

The women, hot, sultry, horny, and are really honest about being committed or not.

I’m trying to get them to email me privately without writing to the site and since we’ve seen each other’s photo’s its easier to make a less than blind date.

I may have to travel to where they are or they to me
now I must seriously think of owning a car or maxi van so as to make it easier for women not wanting me to know where they live because of children, ex boyfriends, husbands, or girlfriends and other reasons.

My usernames are Prymlpasion, Smoldrg-Fire,

To name a few. I sign out with O-jazz or askjoe.

Online dates (women only) If you email me I’ll give my phone number.

Like I said "Friendship first then body mechanics.

Bye readers and especially the online honey's 'um ladies.

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