Mi Ultimo Adios… #4

root - Posted on 22 November 2003

An insider journey to the Philippine Islands

by Mariluna/PNN Youth in the Media report

Wow, so it has been a month already! time flies fast. This week I finally got sick. It was not a pretty sight. I
knew I was going to get sick sooner or later. I’m glad I did bring tons of medicine with me. This week was the
anniversary of the NGO (non-governmental organization) I volunteer for. It was also the President of the NGO’s
Birthday. There was so much to do this week. The President had a Birthday Party in his house. There was a ton of food,
dancing, music, and people. (No karaoke this time) It was a blast. On Friday night, I went out with the other two
Fil-Am in my delegation and we went to a disco (this means nightclub). It was definitely an experience. The disco was
called Bedrock, and reminded me of The Flintstones. When you go in they first sit you down at a table, and then you
order food/drinks. The music is provided by a Cover Band. A cover band is a band that sings mainstream songs. The
closest I can explain to this is it is like professional karaoke but without the TV. Imagine you are dancing to the
song “Independent Women” sung by a cover band. The name of the cover band was “Colored People.” There is also
breaks to go sit back down eat, talk, drink, or whatever. The energy inside the club was great; the cover band really
involved the crowd. The band lets the crowd take the mic to sing the song. One of the singers even invited me to dance
on stage! The next day was the day of the anniversary. There was mass, games, basketball, a play, and dance
performances. At night time, there was a party just for the staff and volunteers. Each volunteer group had to do some
type of performance, and it was supposed to represent where we are from. So the Fil-Am delegation danced to “In the
Club” by 50 Cent. We came up with this idea an hour before the performance. The Korean delegation did a Korean
dance that is called the “Poor Children’s dance” they wore different Korean Costumes. The French Delegation did
a dance to a French song. It looked like country-western dancing. Then there was awards passed out, and there was
dancing till 12 am or 1am. The next day my home gave a despidida party for our sponsor. Our sponsor also brang along
30-40 high school seniors from Belgium. We had dance performances, singing, dancing and lots of food. The fun part was
seeing the Belgians dance the “Spaghetti Song” by SexBomb. Many could not do the dance called the “ocho-ocho.”
This dance is popularized by the group SexBomb. This is a dance where you put your hands on your tuhod (knees) and pop
your back and your arms up and down. Don’t worry if this sounds difficult I’ll teach you the dance when I get
back.| C-ya later!


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