9th Circuit Court on Pol, Special Session Today (Mon. 9/21/2003.

root - Posted on 31 December 1969

The Cali Joke's not funny
as Judge, lawyer's speak legalisms
over possible ballot mechanical

Did my civic dute early,but
looks like Oct.7, could be another...

Sorry, gotta vote again deal.

by Joe B.

The Special Session Of The Ninth Circuit Court Of Appeal Concerning the October 7th Recall Election.

Esoteric and difficult listening to KGO’s broadcast of October’s 7th. Gov. Gray Davis's Recall Election.

All I hear is when a community gets the best ballot machines while another constantly gets the worst ones causing massive discounting of votes and those votes are mainly in non white communities.

There is something wrong about this disparity especially when it happens over and over.

Maybe on Oct.7, voting for or against Governor Davis will not happen as planned.

Meanwhile I have my micro worries about drinking light broth soup, clear mouth wash, and less food in next month on a near involuntary fast.

"Joseph, you must keep your gums clean for a month or your periodontal cleansing and problems you’ve had will return and we won’t be able undo it this time."

"Gulp!" So,keep my gums clean means eating less or none of the usual foods?

I knew what they meant; no meat, chicken, ice cream, milk, sauces, or any kind of foods that can stain, get into crevices below or upper gum line.

I’ve warned my employers, acquaintances, friends, and relatives of my altered physical change that will make me seem as if I have H.I.V./A.I.D.’s [Human Immune – Deficiency/Acquired Immune Deficiency Virus.

That won’t be the cause eating extremely less food than I’d regularly do will be.

Of course announcing something like that way before the effects begin to show sets up people to actually speculate if I really do have HIV/AID’s and explaining it again only seems to drive the suspicion home.

In my younger years way back in Jr. and High School if I turn sideways at my desk I’d be counted as absent, girls would take turns picking me up.

I mean lifting me up by my waist or under my arms.

It wasn’t funny at the time when girls played She-Hulk, Super Girl, to my unchanging Bruce Banner book-worm, four eyed, studious type.

I loved learning but socially inept mainly kept to myself when not helping someone with math I knew and other kinds of homework.

Time flows, one learns to be less self conscious, more out going and after reading Playboy, Omni, Oui, and other works of both science fiction and female forms especially
better love techniques I was a horny nerd, wanted to be ready when the moment came, it did, I wasn’t and it was still good.

I’m older, better informed horny man in good old San Francisco.

Looks like swimming, martial arts, and health foods for another of life’s changes.

Then I remember high school again will I be carried by older, stronger women, thrown on their bed?

God/Goddesses, I hope so.

It can be more joyous than embarrassing.

Now, to prepare for next month and certain dietary changes and hopefully my new, healthier body for next year.

I’ll need all the slimmed down strength to deal with the 2004 election.

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