Taiko Love for Arnold

root - Posted on 15 March 2004

(from his adoring masses)

by Christina Heatherton/PNN Poverty Studies Intern

Ja! Ja!

A-nold. A-nold.

Ja! Ja!

A-nold. A-nold.

You are great

Und powerful man

Surrounded by

Adorning fans

Just like Hitler!

Arnold Nation!

Fame without


Ja-Ja-Ja-Ja/ Ja-Ja-Ja-Ja



Ve hear you meet

Mit Kenneth Lay

Und Enron help

Herr Arnold play

To get Grey Davis

Out of plan

(Cause he vas ein sissy man!)

Sex-u-al-isch Pred-a-tor?

Die Pansy pants-

Sie just want more

So Grope-n-Poke-n

Call it Joke!

Denn we say

Ja! Ja! Ja! Ja!

A-nold. A-nold.

Ja. Ja. Ja.

After school

Help children play

So der flab can melt avay

Never mind

De education

Use tax for


Kids are tough

Dey take the heat

Dey’ll loose weight

Ven starved and beat!

Say hasta la vista

See you later

To da Jealous castigators

Come on loosers

Don't be haters

Here's to our new


Ja! Ja!

A-nold. A-nold.

Ja! Ja!



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