The Po Cats Adventure Series; Lester and the Kitchen Closet

root - Posted on 24 March 2004

by Dee Gray

at poor magazine we ask that our interns "give back"

however, one intern whose origin was never made clear to us had a particular
and abiding interest in helping us by organizing a very Dis-organized closet in our
kitchen. This intern was known for making unfathomable comments like
"the more you do for me, the more Karma it builds up that i owe to you" and the
right pronounication of the name of the Amish people is Aaa-mish", these comments were
punctuated by loud whistles and chirps.

Of course we, glad to have all the help we could get, tended to ignore this somewhat odd
behavior and eagerly left him to claw his way thru the extreme mess of the kitchen

The closet finished was unbelievable, amazing. It didnt even look like it lived here - sort
of like a space ship thats landing and dropping by to refuel, in fact, each night I have been
hearing banging and crashing in the kitchen, while wierd blue lights flash in the hall -
then an odd pungent smell like fuel burning drifts down the hall. Oddly, the smoke
dectectors dont ring. Im scared. So I dont go near the kitchen. But then, in the morning
everything looks the same.

EXcept that is, for a lite greenish darkening of the paint at the base of the closet
and when the cats Lester, Hands, and Saul come in for their morning Fancy Feast
breakfast, Lesters hair on his tail feathers stand on end. He looks at us and then
the closet, his eyes glistening. A faint knowing meow passes his lips.

He finishes
his meal, and almost unnoticed a large green feather falls from the whiskers on
the left side of his face.



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