What We Do Best Pt. 2 I plead for two way tickets to Chicago. Why? Life Demands It.

root - Posted on 31 December 1969

'Po Man,low wage job seeks...
to go to Anti Aging Conference.

Why? What can you contribute?

That we,struggling working Poor,all
deserve long healthy lives.

by Joe B.

What We Do Best Pt. 2

Last time I talked about poverty,being houseless, doing badly at web dating, and took pride of showing women who took a chance on me their own worth to me.

I also mentioned a dear friend putting up with my antics as background.

It’s time to get into the realm of extended life.

The original Bell Zone was on Sunday night into early Monday morning.

Art’s guest is President of the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine,an organization begin in 1990 with only 12 visionary people including Dr. Ronald Klatz.

Personally when I heard about it my first thought was "Its way past time."

People laughed whenever I said anything about Genetic engineering, biotechnology,and Cybernetics,Cloning both therapeutic or full cloned child,or using symbiotic instead of parasitic virus vectors.

I had an average home life in New York City before moving to Oakland then Berkeley California before becoming houseless and jobless.

In high school my ambition was to be a writer,scientist, astronaut,painter,or immortal.

So far I’ve learned to paint a little,have a scientific bent,never left the planet,do write columns and have been published over the years.

As for being immortal?

Everyday that’s becoming more a possibility with every new discovery coming faster and faster.

My belief in Cryonics is no longer as funny though I’ve decided to live as long as I can before going into a deep freeze after death.

I must make an airtight will if ever I get wealthy enough so descendants won’t fight over money to get at me.

Yeah,I’ve read The First Immortal,Gilgamesh or‘Gil Hamilton "The Arm" stories along with that more famous Sumarian of the same name I need not repeat a second time.

Other fictional and fact works included.

I thank those and other innovative and imaginative writers,scientists,and researcher’s for giving me hope.

If somehow my fortune is made I better spread the wealth far and wide among relatives known and unknown,organizations that have helped me in housing, preventing me from starving,also while in frozen dead have it possible to improve brain, body,from interior outwards.

Having my aluminum-glass coffin on my private estate with its own independent power source,paying better than average wages.

Cost of living updated keeps up with the economy and unknown to them set up independent funds so its in their best interest working as they have done or retire early.

Back to the 4A organization which isn’t only in America but global in scope and practice since researcher’s,doctor’s,and undergraduate students interested in this field will have places to learn, experiment,make, contribute to discoveries.

As Mr. Art Bell says at a station break "Is it all about Life.

Nothing Less Than Life… Maybe Your Life!"

In explaining the blocking of inflammation to the brain by aberrant protein reactions Alzheimer's’ the debilitating disease can be slowed, stopped,probably reversed also.

Dr. Klatz said "This is the promise of Anti Aging Medicine,this is benefits for the next millennium, this what we’re talking about; and this kind of technology can lead to not just a better quality of life but a longer life span as well."

That’s what’s so exciting because we’re on the cusp of these amazing breakthroughs.

Plus the entire Bio technology breakthrough revolution is ready to give birth to dozens if not hundreds of innovations almost all of which will have an anti aging spin to it and anyone great breakthrough can lead to 5 year,10 year,20 year increase in maximum life span."

I’m taking a rest from this because I myself have been thinking of how to reverse,retard,or slow my own aging giving myself more time,guess I’m on the right track if I diet, exercise,have a pet, regular sex,yoga and meditation.

Back on topic.

"Dr. You said for example adult stem cells, they don’t have any problem with that and other aspect of some lines… What we’re fighting over is it the most important… where the fight centers is it the most important place for you as a researcher or for a researcher,is it prohibiting the most interesting important place?" Mr. Bell asked.

"Well,the problem is the chilling effect of a moratorium on – a federal moratorium on funding for stem cells research extends not just into embryonic stem cells.

It stems into the entire stem cell research protocols.

And so researchers would be normally moving into exploit these technologies are standing on the sidelines.

Universities that would be jumping in are keeping away.

Venture capital money is not flooding into this field as would be otherwise and so this controversy if you will,is putting a
damper on stem cell research…"

Across "the board. "A. Bell.

"Across the board. If they only to specifically eliminate certain embryonic cell lines then who cares, you know we can work our way around it,we can live with out that perhaps.

But this is a wet towel that’s being thrown over the entire issue of stem cells technology.

What your doing is inhibiting technology which is almost certainly will lead to major breakthroughs in a very short period of time and save lives and improve the quality of lives for hundred of thousands if not millions of people.

Mr. Bell and Dr. Klatz went on speaking of Pharmaceutical’s, and other illness industries whose profits are tied up in making people well after illness rather than prevention.

Of course certain people in office using private religious views to slow these new tools threatening to change the face of health care maintenance industry.

This month is supposed to be a symposium of the American Academy of Anti Aging Medicine in Chicago this month.

I wish I could get my bosses to spring for a two week trip over but being non profit don’t have the scratch.

Hell,I’d quit if I had enough money to go one way because it’s literally a life-changing trip if not one of a lifetime.

I’m saving now,I can borrow money.

‘Ya see when I first told them about anti aging science in our PNN (Poor News Network) not only they but few of the people there saw the connection between ‘poor folks and this technology.

"Poor folks deserve the same chances of extended lives in better health as anyone else and that include eventual immortality.

After explaining it they agreed but I knew in the back of my bosses minds its still funny old Joe and his halfback ideas.

Its not as funny today and will be less and less as more folks secretly jump on the Anti Aging,Life Extension priceless road to long lives.

Damn, I’d like to get there early,find a Salvation Army to work in as making up beds, serving food maybe working as cashier in one of the stores.

Sure I might get stranded in the Windy City but I’ve been stranded, in Los Angeles,Oakland, Berkeley,Nevada for half a day,living in San Francisco (did that on purpose)

I appeal to everyone out there who read my work daily.

You know I don’t play when it comes to my one life span.

I usually write send PM money then me I shall again this is a big deal even though I may get nothing I still ask.

What would you do in my place as a poor columnist with a Personal state in the life extension – immortality sweep takes.

Folks,its personal to doctors,moneyed folks, political of all stripes and as personal to me.

Nearly forgot women on the lower economic scale single or with children have and equal stake in this conference.

Maybe they being slighly smarter are already there with mini videocams,camera'and recording devices.

I'm also in need of mini cam or wire me up to the internet if that's possible like the old futuristic Searchspy (you folks know the show,first made-for-TV movie than a short run series mid to late 1970's but I forget.

Do you think poor folks will be represented also?

The prize is nothing less than long and more if applide science keeps advancing minus you know who's views.

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also M.O.'s (hey,I work at P-M-I that's It.

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