Our Journey is Long

root - Posted on 31 December 1969

A march, rally and candlelight vigil is held in honor of Cammerin Boyd and other young African Descendent men and women shot by police

by Laurence Ashton/PNN Youth in Media

"If the police wants the trust and the respect of the community, especially the African -American community, they can get it - its not hard, all the community is asking is to be treated with dignity and respect and in this case the idea of respect is to look again, all we're asking is for the San Francisco Police Department to look again" The last slices of afternoon cast slivers of a shadowed sun across the determined face of Minister Christopher Mohammed who was speaking the truth to a crowd gathered last Friday at the park on Larch Street and Laguna in memory of Cammerin Boyd

The Minister continued, "We're here to stand with this family - but not just a symbolic stand but a long-term commitment to go the courts and make sure the judges and the attorneys bring this family justice and it will be a test to those of us in the community who are here now to continue being involved for as long as it takes…"

The gathering was a march and candlelight vigil ending at City Hall in honor of the six months that has passed since the murder by SFPD of Cammerin Boyd, a 29 year old disabled African Descendent man.

"Our Journey is long, not only do we have a journey for justice, but we have a legal journey," Marylon Boyd, mother of Cammerin Boyd and powerful activist in her own right who has in worked in collaboration with Bay Are Police Watch, The Idriss Steely Foundation and several other grassroots organizations to keep the battle for Cammerin's justice in the media, and in the face of the Mayor and Police chief Fong.

As readers may remember at the beginning of this resistance effort, Mayor Newsom had promised to make sure justice was served to the Boyd family but as the myths and lies poured in from the police and their "investigators" about who was at fault, suddenly the Mayor was holding press conferences about the case which excluded the Boyd family.

Now six months after his wrongful death the only one making sure justice is served is Marylon, her family, the advocates and involved community members, with no help from the Mayor or the police. This being the case even though eyewitnesses came forth and the coroners report was released which showed evidence that Cammerin in fact did have his hands in the air like witnesses stated. Proving that, if the people don't stay on guard and on the offense the people in power will "move on" to other lies and injustices against the community

"We're not only talking about justice for Cammerin Boyd , we're talking about justice against the one who killed him and the people who backed him up, we're talking about justice against the system that doesn't want to do justice when it involves one of their own," Dennis Cunningham who is on the legal team proceeding with a case through the civil courts spoke to the crowd. He went on to describe the fact that the Boyd family is embarking on a long journey through the courts which will require the cops to account for their wrongful actions and that they will need ongoing support from the community through this lengthy court battle

In attendance were several other mothers who had experienced this same kind of police brutality and murder at the hands of the police including Mesha Irizarry mother of Idriss Stelly and Elvira Pollard, mother of the Gus Rugley whose son was shot by police in June of 2004 "I seen this family ( the Boyd Family) on TV in May and then one month later it was my family going through the same thing, in our case the police admitted to shooting my son over 100 times, so yes I am afraid of the cops, very afraid, and this must stop" Ms Pollard looked down as she concluded and wished the Boyd family not only justice but peace.

Laurence graduated from the youth in media internship at POOR For more journalism on issues of police brutality and resistance written by the people directly affected by these injustices you can click on incarcerated peoples/police abuse


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