root - Posted on 31 December 1969

by Staff Writer

It was also at this time that we solidified our ideas of “solution” making ie in Homefulness we discussed the problems that poor folks have staying housed – ie through gentrificaiton, displacment, and crisis people without means can easily become outside, not the least of which and which is rarely addressed even by activists , the inablilty to pay the rent and that in this society if you can ‘t do that for any reason you are at high risk of becoming homeless. So POOR’s solution developed by the poverty scholars them selves was to build that in alobg with the danger of isolation, the strentght of the “village” and the importance of equity to stave off economic instability and create long-term ecom=nomic self-sufficienty – we proposed a sweat equity co-housing project – ( discuss d&t’s co-housing exp[erience)


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