PLaying Pocket Pool with the BLack and Blue

root - Posted on 31 December 1969

by Leroy Moore/Illin n chillin

Party over here

Serving Fajitas

Watching videos

Playing pocket pool with the Black & Blue

Another commission

Strangled by a blue ribbon

Black Chief, Asian Chief

Race & sex diluted behind the blue curtain

No people with disabilities on the police commission

Picking up Cammerin's prosthetic legs in the Western


Still sweeping up Idriss from the floor of the Sony


Window dressing for the Christmas season

Break up this party

Huh, by who? A mayor worried about his appointee

Not the Black community

A white Step-n-fetch-it on the TV screen

While David Duke(s) & William Bennett(s)

Pin the tail on the nigger

Saluting the Red, Blood from brown communities

White, no explanation needed & Blue, the uniforms that

protects them

Stars falling from sky to land in the Capitol

discussing clemency

Tension in the Big House

You can hear a pin drop in the court room

Judges, members of skull & bones

Trickle down justice

Fraternities ties, secrete brotherhood

Passing out favors during reunions

Party with black tie and hand shakes

Racial slurs, sexist actions and homophobic jokes

This is no hoax

It's the 411

This is why we don't call 911

September 11th

Police untouchable

Brutality taken off the table

Black men beaten by batons becoming disabled

Proposition H

New Police Commission

Ha, ha, who do they think they are?

Pass the Fajitas & turn up the video

lets get this party started!?


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