By Jewnbug

root - Posted on 11 December 2007

Race and poverty scholar, digital resistor, po' poet

by Staff Writer

Undress the media

Get POOR Magazine out of the dressing room
to yo stage

Reality combined wit art

We are castaways

To play restricted parts

We are fire hazards

trouble breathing, unfair air

Airtime to
5 minute commercials

To one hour away

4 public service announcements

We are news, accomplishments & blues

Nothing but the truth

So we help God

I crossed the border early Thursday morning

Without my US Social Forum Passport

I felt I made it to the stage

On the down low tip


Still chanted & sang

Story quickly told

And then put out
tha back door

Cuz I'm fire hazard

And I breath unfair air

So I took over the airwaves

For public service announcements

Security at every post

Decided what pieces of bread become toast

Youth in the media

On a positive note

Wut a joke?

We are in the attic

Thru static 2 fix antenna

So the perception is clear

U marginalized me

U made no room for


U disrespected Ida B Wells no center

U can't find us

U can't have justice

Po folks struggling to obtain

Technologies that document

Stories to educate

Only a few found

Security doesn ´ t make me feel safe

They make my heart pound

We are sound beings

Beings of sound

we create safe events

When we can build

A circle to build a community

People ´ s news

Workshops, panels, resource tables

In this for everyone-

Not just a few

We are many

Struggling to be heard

So let me kick

People had to really search

We are here

We are there

Yet even amongst

These gatherings making differences

They had no space to spare

So we had to rise up and challenge

2 get a bigger hallway

2 have our story flow through the airwaves

Painful and precious

Learning goes beyond four walls

We are media

Dispite displacement

We didn ´ t fall


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