By Queennandi Xsheba

root - Posted on 11 December 2007

Race and poverty scholar, digital resistor

by Staff Writer

Who is the superior? You?

Who is inferior? Us?

But who’s the one infectin’ nations with poverty, wounds full of puss?

Who let the people die? You?

Who was the people you killed? Us?

This ain’t a mighty nation

Hollin’ in God we trust

If that’s the case, why I see devil all over yo’ face-

Kids being murdered, prostituted-

And ya’ll praise that disgrace

In cali we got a terminator for a governor

Stand up fo’ youz, he ain’t gonna be back

Right then and there

He gone somother ya!

Send yo’ offspring to be amongst me claimin-

They understand my pain

Knowin’ damn well if they lived in our conditions

It’d drive they ass insane

I’m homeless & po’ while

Ya’ll organize ya hoity-toity committee

If ya down wit tha’ cause

Then why can’t ya sit down and have dinner wit me?

Nose all in the air- naw

Those people are dirty

All tha money you made off me-

Ya took tha profits

Gave me the finger

Then flee

That’s fuhked up, didn’t even

Give us a blanket and sheet

To sleep on tha streets

Who said you was superior? You

Who said we was inferior? Not us

You gave a donation, yea

Tossed me a penny that collected rust

While as a whole you said

You respected immigration, racism, colonization and hurricane Katrina

Could I get some help to find my aunt, cuz after Katrina I still haven’t seen her

Don’t march wit me

You don’t want equality

Perpetrating in tha rally

Left us to die-

But hurried up and restored

Semi Valley

Takin’ billions to bring hell to millions

All over tha world

Cut my grant

Objective was to starve my baby girl

While ya sleep in silk

But my baby survived

Off my breast milk

She got up age

Asked where’s my daddy?

Damn baby girl, he got kilt

A Queen by blood

I’mma tell you what’s up

Quit smilin’ in my face

I know you don’t give a fuhk

I’mma keep spittin’ shit at white supremacy

Mr. KKK- better duck

Destroy you’ beastial mentality

Cuz I’m sick of it runnin’ amuch

Who is the inferior? You!

Who is the superior? Us!


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