root - Posted on 31 December 1969

by Leroy F. Moore Jr

Brown By
Leroy F. Moore Jr
Thursday, February 22, 2001;

Brown is running our town into the ground

The first Brown might look brown

But his real name is Charlie Brown

The second Brown is not brown

But the majority of voters are brown in town

We now know who is not down

We have been around before Willie and Jerry Brown

Brown bought another four years in this town

But don’t frown because we‘ve showed Charlie

Who really wears the crown

Brown is showing his true colors

The color brown is not welcome in his town

Jerry White oops I mean Jerry Brown
want more people
who look like him around

That is why you see construction all over town

Just like Charlie sorry I mean Willie Brown

Jerry White excuse me I mean Jerry Brown

Will be making his rounds

I hope Oaklandners will be ready this time around

We can’t sit around and watch Brown

Fuck up our town

Get down to City Hall

And show Brown who is the Boss and who is the Clown in town


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