Future Father's Day

root - Posted on 31 December 1969

Is Father's Day Less Important?

Are men in general fed up?

Women raising boys minus dads...

Is it really no big deal,any woman can?

What sort of men do boys become?

by Joseph Bolden

Future Father’s Day

I don’t celebrate father’s day.

I don’t hate or love it. Being part of a broken family unit tends to do that sometimes.

My step father had departed and bio dad I’ve not seen at all.

Never did have abandonment issues or blamed either for being away things happen,there are reasons,I don’t know them.

Fathers seem to be deemed near worthless these days as women’s powers rise.

Why is it one has to negate the other,single or widowed fathers aren’t praised for not being dead beat dads.

Always the bad apples get more press than the worthy men raising children on their own.

Maybe men tire of the constant negative blame game.

After being called wrong,bumbling,slow, loathsome,lazy,evil, repressive,emotionally fragile,
inept, shallow,and so bad-in- bed-batteries-joy toys never displease.

Is it any wonder some guys give up,walk away,as former burdens fall as women take up the reigns of power finding
at first to be invigorating to be liberated,
free of male distractions and to them ordered advise.

Women finally see the flipside of male power to find they are feeling the grinding down of constant striving.

Gayell’s,Khush “estatic pleasure” in Urdo “happy and gay” too [from S.F. weekly – June 11- June 17]

Women’s sexuality has been called fluid less with men.

Its almost as if men are born penalized for their plain old heterosexual directions.

Me,I feel lucky,I like women exclusively be they straight,gayell,or bi,
except for transsexuals or sex changed folk.

Being fluid means more partners also lots of heartbreak.

I have enough trouble dealing with one sex and not the multitudes I just have to know who’s gayell, bi,and hetero.

Fatherhood has been battered about but holds on now matter the changing views
fathers for children are equally important.

Men and father’s will always be important no matter how women and society changes its views.

Maybe in a few decades Father’s Day will again to be equal to Mother’s Day as father’s as time show are equally as priceless as mom’s regardless of sperm-less egg fertilization.

I am glad to have had male role models growing but what of young boys with few or none about them?

Only time knows how society copes with Pa’s Days now.

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