root - Posted on 13 February 2001

by By PNN Staff

The big splash in the ocean

made a big splash across the news.

Another Kennedy gone.

The dream gone down with a plane.

What about that poor ghetto boy

who never received a glance

because you thought he might

rob your white ass?

Yeah, he was expendable,

didn't even make the blotter

because it was just another

"bust a cap on your ass" routine

in the hood.

And the Ese, who got jacked up

on some bad dope bought

into the barrio by some

untouchable powerful dark force?

Yeah, he's deep six.

No one cared.

No one even knew.

Because their life is cheap.

What might they have accomplished

if given a chance?

A chance to be treated like people

with potential,

not like common criminals?


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