Smell the Roses

root - Posted on 01 January 2000

by Staff Writer

To all the tenants that reside,
Inside a C.H.P. dwelling;
I wrote this to let you know,
Of something quite compelling.
You've known me as an advocate,
Defender of homeless and poor;
But now I'm informing you,
Of problems an the front Door.
It seems as though a house rule,
Has changed the face of residence;
Involving a security issue,
as though we are ex-presidents.
Front door traffic has increased,
And runs like water from hoses;
Tenants want guests respected,
C.H.P. smell the roses.

In times of financial shortage,
all types of assets are used;
Tenants are aware of policies,
And try to keep them unbruised.
Friends and relatives come by,
When tenants budgets are weak;
Gifts and arrangements blend,
For entertainment guests seek.
Recently an obstacle surfaced,
Interfering with traffic flow;
No one can enter the building,
With no Desk Clerk in the show.
But if a tenant is waiting,
And aware they're not Moses;
They expect to be let in,
C.H.P. smell the roses.

If there is someone leaving,
This building that tenants rent;
The tenant should be let in,
If it's a guest that's waiting,
They know that the only choice;
Is let the Clerk make contact,
Okay from the tenant voice.
But if the Clerk is not there,
The guest is still stuck outside;
Street atmosphere changes fast,
Challenging patience and pride.
Upon the Desk Clerk's return,
Confrontation imposes;
C.H.P. smell the roses.

when the visitor is let in,
Conversations are heated;
The tenant comes questioning,
The way their guest was treated.
The Clerk-on-duty is alone,
While keeping House Rules on track:
On the Swing and Graveyard Shift,
And wonders, who has their "back".
There is a dark history,
Of incidents that weren't cool;
Of Desk Clerks risking safety,
On an unfriendly house rule.
Each resulted in an attack,
Under some managers noses;
Injuries were inflicted,
C.H.P. smell the roses.

During 1998,
Two attacks in a Clerk space;
Inside the San Cristina,
Injuries in the same place.
Hit hard in his head while tired;
Defended himself from harm,
He was wrongfully fired.
Next was an On-Call Floater,
A tenant who did his best;
Tolerated a face punch,
From an "altered-minded" guest.
Did all proper procedures,
And followed all supposes;
Not long afterwards he quit,
C.H.P. smell the roses


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