Her/Her story Made by all of us

root - Posted on 09 March 2009

Well vote time again.

If Change is the word...

Imagine much longer lives!

Holy Life Extension Folks!

by Joseph Bolden

His/Her story made by all of us
Well,here it is momentous,undeniable history being made.

Just being alive to choose who’ll be next president of U.S.A. is an awesome choice.

Many literally fear change coming as old standards flounder, flail,new truths revealed.

For me,not being in Washington isn’t as big a deal as voting for the candidate in the White House
and seeing her or him with left hand raised,right hand on the bible sworn in as the highest office in America is occupied by another person other than Bush.

You know what I say. “If you don’t study the issues, vote your choice… Don’t Bitch ‘N’ Moan about the outcome.

Its up to all of us. As for the two A-holes racist Neo-Nazi Skinheads bone head Kill 88 by beheading

According to documents unsealed in U.S. District in Jackson, Tenn. By A.P. writer Laura Jakes Jordan

Also the numbers 88 and 14are symbolic in the White Supremacist community.

The spree, continues targeting [italics mine] unidentified predominantly African-American School, ending with the Two men driving toward Obama, “shooting at him from the window,”

The court documents show.

Again I thank Associate Press reporter Laura Jakes Jordan
For reporting this.

So,Drive By shootings of Black Schools and a Presidential Candidate…
Well, boys, girls, Women, Men, People- Can we smell not spell the word F E A R, true fear of a first ever Black President?

I’m voting then doing my personal run for life Extension.

I don’t care which political party, or socio economic strata you are from, of, have recently entered maybe re-enter.

My deal: get healthier, improve on it, and get down to research on the best Life Extension therapies.

The next Frontier is a personal stake living way longer than any of us ever expected to live!

I’m not the only one thinking this way.

Its no joke, laughing matter or simply nerdy to think it weird. I’ve got hard work cut out for me to live long, make few enemies have more friends, lovers and see this next evolution stage of People-kind Homo Mathuselah and I’m talking odd walk of dwarfs.

Vote and be ready for change and if it don’t happen become your own change.

Got to go folks and bet that between both Goddess/God and global humanity life extension to eventual personal physical immortality is a given.

The only question is: stay the course ‘til death or change for a chance for the hard earned gift of a very healthy prolonged lifespan.

You know me I seek the enlightenment, illumination not the gray bleak foggy darkness we’ve lived through so far.

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