One Lone Voice

root - Posted on 15 April 2009

At times Change is hard.

Life lived,thought in certain ways, terms.

If one can whether and learn,

A softer change is afforded one.

For those unwilling,unable or refusing to see...

They might depart the world rather than...

remain living in an ever changing one.

by Joseph Bolden

One Lone Voice

Sun smooched Saturday, prayer to holy trinity, and 100 to 200+ Kegal exercises
[think maintaining strength, stamina, and endurance].

Above explanation is all you’ll get from me folks.

Now, besides converting a dingy, dirty one-room-apartment into a save clean haven for a dear and troubled friend, food, making it a sanitary sanctuary.

I must ready myself for relatives, friend, be out of town for the upcoming holiday, return for events to be planned for the coming year as many people are doing at this time all over the world.

The radio show won’t be done this say because my place is still not fit for guests to drop by, missed lunch but will make up for it Sunday.

As I left the Main Library with a book I
ordered, crossing the street I see a young woman standing on the island where a bus stops picking up – letting passengers off exclaiming loudly

She seems completely alone with a few car honking encouragement.

It’s still early in the day “so why not dash out a column” I thought.

Not much to say except like the lone voiced woman in the street
I hope to always be on the best side of history.

One must remember when all kinds of Slavery then as now was seen as the norm, violence against women, persons of same sex orientation, religious,
racial hatred, and marriage to any other than ones own people was against the law until recently in 1967.

There has always been at first one lone voice trumpeting new ideas they were always in the minority whether in social issues or new ways of applied sciences.

Eventually other voices chimed in adding to that one lone voice.

There were times in our recent past where a voice rose so high that fear demanded the sacrifice of death.

America on the one hand boldly chose a new path and new President-to-be
while simultaneously stepped backward making yes on Proposition 8 a fear many have on the sanctity of marriage.

If it’s so sacred, strong, and venerable an institution based on mutual love though children may form families.

Marriage is first and foremost about two individuals and though we’re use to seeing man and woman isn’t there room
for same sex unions of males and females?

As for the tired line
“There can be no children issuing from “Those kinds of unions.”

That is a fallacy in that Gayell’s are able to give birth and males with help from females friends can also provide offspring for male couples to nurture.

Adoption’s an option but even that made many hetro men and women feel threatened.

Which only shows me that for all the so called in-the-good book-crud the real fear is if it really came down to it both
couples raising families are no different its just a different dynamic and only years will tell what the effects will be.

Right now all I see is blind fear, envy, hatred, and religious intolerance as same sex Marriages not civic unions gain in approval.

Yes, Mayor Gavin Newsome on May 16, 2008 said. “Its inevitable, whether you like it or not, Its gonna’ happen.”

He’s no lone voice but neither are the folks who decided it would not stand.

Those people are on the wrong side of history, they may even know it and still voted for Marriage only between a man and a woman ploy.

Maybe Mayor Newsome galvanized bigots and religious folks everywhere but he is right in that the tide is changing.

Its last hurrah, a mean spirited “No Way, Not Today” votes. Those folks may have won a skirmish, small battle, but war for them is lost.

Because they are rapidly losing ground if what use to be and what is.

Fundamental change is afoot they can no longer deny people rights.

Its sad really as their power base lessens,
their children think, act, vote differently, those that
cannot hear the change, see writing on the wall, or waves about to wash over them will
have to live through this new time when most if not all their monumental power is shifted and lost breaking upon many multiple waves of change ocean seas.

Here’s to hoping that I for one can see and anticipate the coming breaking waves along the shoreline.

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