New Move. Digs/Evolution's Goo

root - Posted on 22 April 2009

Once again, time to move.

Georgous Space WoW!

May This be the last move.

But then again who knows?

by Joseph Bolden

New Digs. Evolution’s Goo

Folks from every walk of life it has been a harsh F_ _ _ _ d up year indeed with corporate bailouts from the nearly extinct middle class, po’ folk, struggling working people near then in the grips of being houseless.

Don’t forget hanging-by-a-thread small businesses.

A new President has a depression and war as a parting gift from a lame departing President.

What a way to begin leading the country.

Like many I’ve been struggling with mental issues and so far…

I won’t know for sure until next year what to do.

As for Poor Magazine everything is in free fall though we have new digs in the heroic, his/her storic Mission District it will be far from a walk down and across the street from my residence.

Steel, iron, girders, wood, PC’s to re-plug, food tossed away as the fridge is set to off and defrost. Book shelves and books, boxes, plates, dishes, plastic and stainless steel flatware, printers and so much of the wiring and printing of online and hard copy books.

As for a defrosting refrigerator most of the food is in the garbage.

While using the restroom before washing items in the fridge I thought there was a sound dismissing it as part of the bathroom finished, cleaned up, flush the toilet before returning to wash my hands and various sized plastic bowls in the sink.

Before depressing liquid pink soap on my hands a voice startles me.

“Um, hi, please no hot water it stings.”
“Ok?” I said looking around then down to see an eye with wings a flutter.

It looks like a perfectly good eye!

“Whoa, who?”

“We’re from the icebox different vegetating foods caused up to live continued the eye with one mouth now at eye sight.

“Sorry, my eyes has no mouth we… um evolved differs from yours slightly.

A leg and other separated pieces of anatomy spoke.

“Folks, I have to clean up here, don’t me.”
Most of the fleshy things had wings for flight.
“I’ll give you evolution’s goo (sorry) but that’s what you like to me.”

“No harm done.”

“Anyway, don’t be seen because people will try to kill you out of fear.”

“That’s what the wings are for we’ll keep evolving for sometime now
Then we’ll visit you later.”

“But”? Before I could explain all of these odd things flew swiftly away to whatever fate awaited them.

It may have been an illusion brought on by yesterdays Winter Wonderland feast at the Essex Hotel or Poor Magazine’s moving to another place whatever its time to go back and help with the move.

One thing I know five solid months in gym mode is my Personal New Years Resolution.

How about yours.
Many Memorable Happy Holidays to all and blessed New Year’s.

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