Who is to Blame for all the Dead Children?

root - Posted on 13 May 2009

A monster made of flesh, hungry for power and death.

A monster made of flesh, hungry for power and death.






by Carina Lomeli /PNN

It was December, 25 2008, Christmas day, two hours north of San Francisco. I sat, quietly on a red oak table with my hands on my lap, smiling to the newest members of my family. I got married on 6.6.6., his name is Ra'ad Hattar Khabbaz and he lived in Amman, Jordan, across the Dead Sea, facing the west; Israel and Palestine. In 1995 he left his large family behind, including his sister and parents to chase the American dream. Still, he keeps the first Dollar he ever earned, marking it with a heavy sharpie. I constantly run into the dollar and hold my self back from using it to pay for the MUNI. Instead I ride my bike whenever there is time and energy in the city of San Francisco. It is freezing, not compared to Russia, but I have lived in Arizona most of my life and I miss the sun.

However tonight, I am well taken care of, the house is warm and I had a glass of whisky. And with good purpose, I have absolutely no Idea what anyone is saying. I speak English and Spanish but not Arabic. All I can say is "thank you" and "that was delicious", stuff like that. No. La.

Food was being passed around and I had to take everything or else it would be rude, it's hard not to eat anyway. Brown rice, pine nuts with chicken to top it off, "You must use the bread and take from the big plate," His mother tells me. She cooks so well, all I can think of is the fact that I have a lot to learn about being a good wife and one day, a good mother. Nothing makes me more nervous than thinking I am doing things the wrong way. The day I got married my parents stopped helping me pay rent, and tuition. Ray, as I call him has been there ever since, trying to give me everything I need.

The fact that we were all together only accelerated the impact of the news that would develop through that night. There are always different sides, opinions, interests, positions, excuses, lies, apologies but the one thing we all agree on is that, "I will do whatever I can to survive". Death, something we know so much about, but cannot describe it through words, is felt strongly by action. Action from things we cannot control nature, sicknesses and the number one reason in our lifetime, military action.

At the end of World War I, discussions erupted on the future of the Middle East, including the disposition of Palestine. And so, on April 19, 1920, the Allies, Britain, France, Italy and Greece, Japan and Belgium, gathered in Italy to discuss a peace treaty with Turkey. The Allies decided to assign Great Britain the mandate over Palestine on both sides of the Jordan River, and the responsibility for putting the Balfour Declaration into effect. The Balfour Declaration was made by the British government deciding to endorse the establishment of Jewish homes in Palestine. After discussions within the cabinet and consultations with Jewish leaders(Zionists), the decision was made public in a letter from British Foreign Secretary Lord Arthur James Balfour to Lord Rothschild. The contents of this letter became known as the Balfour Declaration. Arab nationalists, politicians and communities were unsure how best to react to this British authority. Notice how The disposition of Palestine took place without the concent of the native Arabs already living there. Jews were present in Gaza until 1929, when they were forced to leave the area due to violent riots by the Arabs, who killed a total of six Jews.

Today International Journalists are not allowed in Israel or Palestine. Israel is not letting journalists or doctors into Gaza or Israel. Announcements are made to pass medical humane supplies clearly copies are made, they know. Tons of medical supply ships are being mistakenly shot at, on purpose. Occupation powers are paranoid and talk of Hamas terrorists are completely ludicrous. Nobody is there to witness the inhumanities caused by the US-Israel, As ambulances, schools and mosques are being bombed, Palestinian war chief are not notified of this, they are not told. The Red Cross stepped in to reveal war crimes. They are harassed constantly by Israeli Forces "they shoot if you stop" says a volunteer. "No time to tell stories" -Border crossing Egypt. Both sides were told to respect medical assistance as it is against the Geneva Convention.

The UN simply discusses transportation matters and rocket launches, like the measly 9 mile hand made rockets the Israelis are so terrorized by. But Arabs just want to stop the deaths of so many Innocent lives; these terrorists are my husbands uncles, nieces, history and culture. Not terrorist by what they do, but what they represent, a life that cannot be controlled by those that use military force, hidden agendas, and lies to control the world their mothers provided them with. During The past eight years 4,209 Palestinians have been killed, 1/3 of that women and children. 1,556 Israelis have died including Soldiers. An 8 year resident of Israel simply said. "There is a fight against terror!!" Only 10 Israelis have died since the beginning of attacks. His mind has been brainwashed to think that a thousand Palestinians are not worth one Jew, who is spreading these Delusions of ownership and superiority? Palestinians are being burned out of there homes and refugees inside UN school thought to be safe are being attacked. Snifter rifles hit children "for election?" Palestinians ask.

During the last four days, a seize fire is in effect for only three hours a day. Food difficult to find, civilians are suffering too much. Lines of people form to get bread, waiting from 8:00am to 1:00pm. Candles running low, No electricity, no Clean running water, no cloth to protect the injured. Why? US Candidate set sail on the Dignity(medical Relief ship) then hit three times. One of the Drs. said "prepared to die". Israelis said turn around! go back! they were well aware of medical supplies being carried. They claimed to be fired at first, saved by Lebanese Ship with warm welcoming. Israelis are using illegal force against civilians.

On February 26th on a speech to the American Enterprise Institute President George W. Bush predicted, "Success in Iraq could also begin a new stage in Middle Eastern Peace and set emotion progress toward a truly democratic Palestinian state". This would also involve Russia, European Union and United Nations for the imposed settlements of the Israeli - Palestinian conflict. And with a shake of hands and smiles and accomplishment they decided the fate of 1.0 million UN-registered refugees. The majority of the Palestinians are descendants of refugees who fled from their homes during the 1948 Arab-Israeli War. The Strip's population has continued to increase since that time. Palestinians Don't Deserve a state, and giving them one would be a grave Mistake for Israel this was the title by Don Feder, he is Coordinator of the Interfaith Zionist Leadership Summit. Phase one-air war, Phase two-land and finally phase three exhaust situations to the maximum.

Capitol Hill says: “Disproportionate war does not make since. Who to blame for the dead children says is, hamas…hamas broke seize fire.(By the way Israel broke seize fire)Palestine cannot use terror as a method of action". Mean while, Obama our future Revolutionary President will not get involved in foreign politics and does not want to come off as a divided nation. On Jan 7th throughout the night 20 air strikes were shot at Gaza. US reopen of transportation and Arabs Veto America because they will not agree to size fire. "No Comment" By Obama, will lead to a global division and then everyone will once more remember the pain of extermination.

These new corporate business suited monsters are gracefully, with military tactics destroying land that is not theirs. No one who loves their land bombs its children and schools, and deprives people from achieving life and respect. This is a great massacre on Indigenous people such as Arabs and some Jews who have been living side by side peacefully...for thousands of years. We all have a god given right to defend those we love, and they just played their song of war in my direction. I have visited Jordan and I hope to have my children see the land of their father. I too expect to freely go back to my own house in Mexico without the terror of money hungry beasts looking for their next pray. As history puts it conquering/occupation leads to immoral / inhumane. The least I can do is write an article that will open the eyes of those who do not know weather or not to care.

The Good news People in the US are in rage in response to the outcry coming from Gaza. Is this all we can do??? British Member of Parliament says "medial political Israeli news is more untrue and is allowed because of lack of opposition, nobody does anything about it. They are the forth most powerful country in the world, because of US support. Palestine along with Gaza have been and are now trying to adhere to the rules but everyone is ignoring their obedience, they want the land without the people, a cleansing of the land." Terrorism together, against the Superworlds that thirst for the blood of those beneath. The stronger eat the vulnerable and weak. World must stand together for a better future we must discuss a new visionary chapter. Where we live in piece under no fear from those In charge. In a strip of land four by thirteen miles with 1.5 million Palestinians squeezed and pushed to the side in a land that is the mostly populated in the world is being bombed without regard to human lives. This is us!! The USA gives direct support to these fascists.

As I decide which scarf to wear on a cold night, my eye catches the white and black pattern that helps me remind everyone that I am not going to risk my children's freedom simply for being born Arabic/Mexican in a world dominated by those who have and use military force when they see fit against my people-- Venanzuelan, Chinese, African or Arabic or anyone that is not part of capitalism or its designs.


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