Platinum Period/Visitor From Lil' America

root - Posted on 24 June 2009

What A Day!

Balling For Hours.

Now,On With The Work.

by Joseph Bolden

Platinum Period: Visitor from Lil’America

It is a far distance I’ve traveled and many others unknown since “The Day.”

When people say that we all know what it means from our eldest citizens to children in nursery school.

As an elder, I’m supposed to have looked this up in the archives, where it is permanently in my eidetic memory.

Most people alive today have eidetic memory.

My case differs in that I’m one of the few to have been alive and lived through that great time.

At the time all I could understand was the sheer magnitude of Senator Barack Hussein Obama’s Presidency meant to citizens
who had been slaves and never had much trust in America because of America’s ongoing mistrust and hatred of her freed citizens.

Tears of joy, pride, accomplishment fell from me and everyone whichever spectrum of the rainbow we were from.

Yes, there is still disbelief and hate from those few refusing to see this new day and those unable to comprehend and live suicide seemed the only way out of their peculiar dilemma.

All I can say is from that day forward infused with a new direction somehow I became a better person making few errors along the way.

In my travels met many people who’s someday be new leaders, scientists, researcher’s, artists, and entertainer’s.

Applied science quantum leaped from Biotechnology, Therapeutic Cloning, Medicine, Cybernetics, and ultimately the global improvement of human species.

We stumbled but kept rising.

I couldn’t explain how eight years of one Presidency meant so much but it did and after the initial quantum jump of President Obama every literally changed!

In my early 50’s to 135 or 2089.

I had enjoyed great health, married, had children, grand children but before this had decided if given a chance, return to life is what I wanted.

Though the science of Cryobiology had vastly improved still it was a gamble.

I was old,worn out but wasn’t ready to die without a fight.

Way back in the 2015 had decided to be whole body frozen.

As a member of A.A.R.P. Association of American Retired Peopleand the Common Wealth Club I knew both of those organizations and a few others would be around watching over one of their own.

On org. said good luck sarcastically while the other already had other beloved members on ice waiting.

It was my last adventure and I was ready to depart for the unknown shore.

First I am cold and shivering and back to sleep the next moment-Young! Strong, overflowing with energy yet groggy.

“Hey old guy, ya’ made it!

It was another member of the Common Wealth Club who had taken the deep-post-death-sleep years before me.

What skills had I for this new age of 2211 over one hundred and some odd years?

My choice massage, writing, languages, and the hard fantastic sciences of molecular nanotechnology.

After acclimating to this new age by reading through the archives it is less difficult by 2215.

There are elder groupies young people born of the current century fascinated with elders of past era’s.

Young or middle aged they all eventually asked one question:
How, when, can you pinpoint how the world changed way back in 2009?

With money from investments while I lay dead I emigrated off world manmade planetoid to live out my life which would be long because life extension technologies has passed into medical immortality. Man!

To have lived, grown old, died, be revived and now medically immortal!

What can possibly top this?

Only time travel!

I,by having lived in the timeline of Obama was picked for possibly a one way journey to 2009.

I told them the exact date but gave myself a two week window because of the paradox of meeting my past self.

I want a glimpse of him but that’s all but he is not to see me.

My advanced thermal tech clothes will keep me toast warm in that cold Washington day.

The motel is near the state capital and my restored youth made it impossible to be recognized then a though came to me
“I may not be the only space-time traveler observing this event then again I wasn’t there for them but to observe, take part, and participate in this historical event.

Over two centuries have past yet hear, now as President Elect Obama spoke I began to weep from overflowing pride, emotion,feeling honored to again witness this great day.

Curses on those who made Photographic Memory a norm,the images too crisp,new,and way too clear.

Though not having a seat near the dignitaries it is humbling to be part of something new even for a few weeks.

My time is up as I waited for a normal looking Audi with an iridescent paint job.

When it turned the corner it goes into mirrored-cloaked mode before its silent cancelling anti gravity engines lifts us off speeding to my new home in 2215.

My report will be clear concise full of emotional touchstones.

What a life and ordinary guy like me to lead.

It was called a platinum age beyond golden.

The disguised car-spaceship lands on “Little America” where I now reside away from the planet of my birth old Earth.

One day I may return to stay for a century or two avoiding paradoxes of people time and events but for now its time to remind my neighbors what it really meant in the far gone past the true meaning of the Obama Presidency and all that happened afterward.

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