PNN City Hall Beat: The Govenator's Surprise!

root - Posted on 24 July 2009

The State's Special Election Deconstructed!

by Bruce Allison/PNN

To the general public May 19th may not mean anything--but our governor pulled a fast one on us. Houseless parents, Medi-Cal, Food Stamp administration, IHSS, CalWORKS, CAPI and general low income families have a deduction in their aid. Prop 1D which goes to the ballot May 19, will be re-directing a large amount of funds away from DCYF (Department of Children, Youth & Families) and will cut medi-cal payments for these people in need. That means children with autism and other mental illnesses such as muscular dystrophy will lose the support they need. It wasn't the fault of these children that their parents were born in poverty and there is no reason why they should suffer for it. There are plenty of places that can be cut instead--prison guard salaries for example. I know this is a sacred cow but it should be looked into. Half the prisoners in jail over the age of 60 should be released to save the government a couple million dollars.

All the times this poverty scholar has worked on proposition 63 (Mental Health Services Act)--including going door to door collecting signatures--wasn't because I liked getting doors slammed in my face. It's about time these millionaires pay their fair share. Prop 1E will cause a ripple effect in time, because these youths under 21 will end up being incarcerated due to the lack of adequate mental care.

Presently the has decided that they will support prop 1A because the overflow in the budget will go towards K-12 education. However, there will not be an overflow because of the huge deficit in this state. Any member who reads this in the Los Angeles area, if you are taking money away from children in Calworks how do you expect them to learn on an empty stomach. This legislation isn't helping anybody, you pay higher medical bills in hospitals and these children can't attend school because they will be too hungry. They will be wandering the steets causing a burden to society.

All voters, please get out on March 19, the assembly has fallen for the Governor's hypnotic trance. After a minority of millionaires held up the budget for a period to bankrupt the state, they still scream that taxes are too high on them. When those three republicans broke ranks to settle the budget after two long days in the torture chamber known as the assembly, they finally agreed on a budget. Some of those people who got I.O.U's from the budget will not get their money back plus interest as they were promised. This part of the budget I will give on further articles, it does not retain too much interest to a normal person

Call your assemblyman if you are in a republican district and tell him he's an idiot.


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