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root - Posted on 02 September 2009

by Staff Writer

All of you know I love finding musicians with disabilities around the world especially Hip-Hop artists with disabilities. Well it is time to take it to the next level! Read on and pass it along!

My Dream for 2010 is to take Krip-Hop Project and my research on disabled musicians especially Disabled Artists in Hip-Hop to Africa & Europe, face to face to get the artists' stories on paper and on camera!

I got to go! And the goal is 2010! If you know any good deals please hook me up. Plus, I've connected with some amazing disabled musicians and activists in Africa and throughout Europe. I've got to go and 2010 must be the year. If you can assist or put me in the right direction please do! There are so many disabled musicians outside of the USA that I want to meet and get their stories. The internet is cool but nothing is like face to face and 2010 is the time to take my love of finding disabled musicians to the next level!!

I'm on a mission!! If you have any suggestions please hit me back!!

I would love to get some kind of sponsor or grant to do this for 6 months. My dream. All the connections to disabled musicians especially Hip-Hop disabled artists I made through the internet has brought me to this stage and that is to visit all of the artists and write and record their stories throughout Europe and Africa. This would be amazing and has been tugging at me for years. Anyway I need to reach out and tell you anybody that can assist with this vision. Iʼll be writing up a full proposal in the upcoming months and will be asking for letters of support from artists from all over the world that will be apart of my proposal packet. Like I said the connections, friendships and research has been made with disabled musicians throughout Africa and Europe but can you assist in completing my vision?

Stay in contact. Read my articles on disabled musicians on www.poormagazine.org column Illin-N-Chillin, www.kriphop.com and www.myspace.com/kriphop


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