Poisoning Our Minds

root - Posted on 01 January 2000

by Felicita Pedroza

These foster families think they are better than us

Saying all we know how to do if fight and fuss

Back biting saying, "Your parents were never there"

Poisoning our minds with words of "Your parents don't care"

Yelling, "You just can't seem to do anything right"

Placing themselves higher than us; they hold a powerful might

Criticizing our families of being worthless and uneducated

Constantly reminding us that we were separated

We are belittled, while they stand above

Saying, "No one has taught you the meaning of love"

Constantly verbalizing, Love is when your family keeps you, not give you away

But they don't love us; they do it for the pay

Telling us that we'll only go from home to home

Why won't these foster parents just leave us alone?

They act like we never been to any place above a dollar

Around our necks they tighten collars

We don't have the same privileges as their own kids

Because we are oppressed by what our parents did

Reminding us of our parents mistake, like they don't have their mistakes

I wonder if they do this to every foster child they take?


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