root - Posted on 01 January 2000

by Felicita Pedroza

You can tell I'm Boricua by my long, curly, dark hair

When you look into my eyes you see culture in my stare

My tongue taste like adobo my mouth like rice and beans

I am the Taino goddess you have never seen

My hips sway with the Salsa my heart beats with the drum

I'll have you drunk off my love, like dark Bacardi rum

Touch the arch of my back and feel my ancestors load

My kisses are dynamite, to make you explode

The dimple on my cheek is a pool of delight

Touch my feminine arms, feel my culture’s might

My eyes, like the stars that lead the Tianos to shore

My powerful touch any sickness can cure

Taste my thighs; you'll taste my culture’s glory

Grip my palm to read the Tiano story

My steps are so great it cannot be measured

Dig into my Boricua soul, you'll find buried treasure

You'll find abundance in my breech

But no decrepitude in my reach

My tongue utters efficacious words

So meaningful, so smooth just like my curves

You can tell I'm Boricua by the beauty in each strand of hair

Look into my eyes; find the culture in my stare.


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