Death of a City

root - Posted on 31 December 1969

by Joseph Bolden


It was a gleaming, healthy, vibrant, magical place-

A mudtown’s gold and silver rush, expanding boomtown then a city-

Immigrants, easteners, north and southerners, foreigner’s build, strengthen this young city, even an Earth Quake in 1906 couldn’t kill it only made it stronger-

Now a new yet familiar threat: the DC’s buying up neighborhoods block by block displacing the very people that gave the city life, made it... Live.

Its 2069, The City limps along gutted, bleeding, slowly dying as most daughters and sons of Dot Com’s try to revive it but most leave, its just to high to live in.

Oakland, San Leandro, Berkelely survive maybe Hayward.

But Old ‘Frisco is going under the waves.

ALMOST DEAD,Generations kicked out return and only after 2184 is it reborn. Its just a tale of one Shining City.

Don’t make this cautionary talecome true.

{Joseph Bolden}


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